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  1. Mo Bamba if youre looking for blocks, Oneale if you need all around production, especially with donovan mitchell out.
  2. Yeah it KPJ or DOrt for me. But get Lamelo for sure!
  3. Yeah knowing which bridges and bogdanovic would help to answer this question but TJ and nurkic are the players I would aim for. Would probably drop bogdanovic (if hes the utah player).
  4. As much as it pains me to say this, Grayson Allen. Just a more consistent role on this team.
  5. 10 Team ESPN league, Playoffs start next week. No real news on Robert Williams injury. Stevens says his return is right around the corner, at this point I just want to fortify my team for the playoffs. My injured reserve is already full with Zach Lavine, Gordon Hayward, and JJJ. Should I make this drop? Who has more value? Who has more opportunity from next week moving forward? WHIR!
  6. Beef stew for consistency. Wiseman for upside
  7. I prefer Poku ROS, higher upside if his shot starts to fall!
  8. I would hold on to Barton and drop Fournier
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