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  1. Strategy for next year. 100alabama qb- Hurts rb- King, Jacobs. Da Harris, Na Harris wr- Ridley, Amari, Jeudy, Ruggs, De Smith te- Irv smith, Howard
  2. No way he wins mvp if he doesn’t play another game. Rodgers already has more td’s and less int’s. If Rodgers throws 45 to Mahomes 36 then it’s a pretty easy vote. And I just can’t see them benching Kelce for 2 games when he’s a few yards from the record.
  3. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I don’t see them going a month without playing. Mahomes wants that mvp and Kelce’s going for his record.
  4. That’s false. If they beat Atl then they clinch the bye. That’s a very meaningful game. Is it a must win? No. You’re confusing it because it’s not a must win game. But it’s still meaningful. Why would anyone throw a game in week 16? That makes no sense and who has ever done that.
  5. Anyone who’s been starting this bum is probably eliminated lol
  6. It depends on what happens up front. If Mahomes has time then Tyreke is uncoverable. This dude might hit 20 td’s on the year
  7. 3 whatever games in a row now. Logic says he’s hit the wall and defenses have figured it out. But I don’t see anything on the wire that would work. Just gotta dance with the girl they brought you
  8. That guy is clearly drunk lol. Just say he doesn’t catch enough passes and keep it moving.
  9. I felt bad for #24. He was probably trying his hardest but had no chance on this day.
  10. Did anybody here actually think Henry was gonna be a PPR stud? What is this guy talking about lol. Henry is playing exactly how we thought, td’s or bust with guaranteed volume. Most of us probably don’t play in a full PPR league. If you expected receptions then that’s you.
  11. How’s that noodle arm looking? Those ducks were looking like punts lol
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