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  1. I would possibly be interested.. what platform would you use. Yahoo? Fantrax? Etc? How would the money be held, in league safe I assume? Also are the rules and rosters set in stone. Seems if we do dynasty we should make the rosters larger. Generally do 3c 3lw 3rw. 4-5 d. 2 goalies. And a skater spot. Or ive seen 2 of each fwd spot and than 2 skater spots. Just suggestions. Rosters seem super light here. Also the scoring categories.. shooting % seems like such a terrible one. Recommend replacing it wit pp pts or something..
  2. I am interested in the league but I can’t view the rules as an error keeps occuring.. any way to send me it another way.. also any way to show everyone’s rosters too before I decide on comitting or not.. coming into a paid league blind can get you burned. Thanks for the consideration!
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