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  1. 11 INTs over 16 games is actually pretty good.
  2. A QB that throws for 4300 yards, with 22 TDs and 11 INTs, completes 66% of his passes with a 7.5 Yards Per Attempt is "incompetent"?
  3. Based on Dave Gettleman's 35 minute presser yesterday, Eli is the Giants 2019 starting QB. Gettleman: - blamed the Giants defense for the losses, admits the defense is bad, is ticked off they allowed the most points in the NFC East - Said "I had a candid conversation with Eli. Eli then took me to the low post and won" - this speaks volumes. - said the Giants had O-Line issues and that Eli was "running for his life" the 1st half of the season before they acquired RG Jamon Brown and stabilized the OL - said Eli put up good stats considering (4300 yards, 66%
  4. I started Mayfield, Zeke, Mixon, Cooper, Doyle Still got smoked by Wilson, CMC, Gordon, Chubb, Edelman, K.Allen, BAL D/ST
  5. Head Coaches are measured by Wins and Losses. Not style points.
  6. Dak and the Cowboys O as a whole is significantly better at home versus on the road. Wayyy better. Starting with the Redskins, 4 of Dak's last 5 games are at home, against good matchups. Start Dak and reap the benefits.
  7. You're including Week 12? Gurley is on BYE. Zeke has a 22.8-0 lead heading into Week 13.
  8. The Cowboys offense is much better at home versus on the road. Starting with yesterday's WAS game, 4 of his last 5 games are at home.
  9. Very wise. Gurley is waning. Zeke is finishing the season on an absolute tear. And - He gets Tampa Bay at home in Week 16 for the Fantasy Finals. Championship.
  10. Flex play? He's an every-week WR2 with WR1 upside.
  11. Y'all got it twisted. Cooper helps Zeke more than vice versa
  12. See, I told u guys Dak is a sneaky underrated Fantasy QB ROS
  13. Would not trade Zeke for Gurley at this point. Would not trade Zeke for anyone
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