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  1. Eli Apple isn't going to make there defense that much better. As a Giants fan I'm glad to see him go. Last game He couldn't cover Julio Jones so he would make sure he would hold on to his Jersey so he wouldn't escape him! He seems to have lots of blown and missed assignments. He wasn't worth the pick he was drafted in!
  2. Yup and they just traded Eli Apple there starting cornerback. As bad as they are, they could flip there script any Sunday. They do have weapons but a multitude of things go wrong and it's contagious apparently
  3. Anyone think the colts can put together another solid game this week?
  4. Arizona was suppose to have a good game this past week. They netted me 3 points!
  5. Texans or colts or cards? I have the Texans but debating about dropping for one of the other two teams mentioned. Any ideas what I should do? Thanks in advance
  6. I also have Houston and wondering how this week's matchup compares to other streaming options this week, colts, or cards? Stick with Houston or move on?
  7. Thoughts on using the Texans this week? Sounds like Watson is gonna be playing. Is buffalo a tough matchup for the Texans? Should I grab the chargers instead?
  8. How did he play in preseason? Did he have his s--- together then? Was he throwing interceptions Im hoping we do not see a turn over machine on the field this week
  9. Titans or Texans? I currently have the Titans and trying to pickup the Texans. Good idea or keep Titans?
  10. I'm a huge Giants fan. With this being said. Until they show signs of improvement on the O-line I would bet my house against them! Pretty much any team is a good matchup against the Giants O
  11. Im using the browns as well. Not too confident in this one. Cheers
  12. Call me crazy but Detroit isn't a bad option against Dallas as long as they can seal up Elliot
  13. What's the better option Cleveland or Airzona this weekend?
  14. Good to hear that a CPL of you guys are rolling with the browns again this week. I have them but could pick up the bucs against the bears.. Other option is Arizona
  15. Anyone else staying with the browns f for one more week or cut ties now and move on?
  16. Maybe Tampa should try and go after bell? No way they let Winston take over. How many 400yard games in a row has Winston thrown for ever??? I hope Winston cries about Fitz playing, maybe Winston shouldn't do stupid s--- and get suspended if he didn't want another QB coming in and taking over his job. It seems like lots of people want Fitz to fail just because he always has in the past. Even if Fitz has a bad came against the bears, you can't pull a QB over one game. Last week's game could have went either way. Two of the interceptions he threw c
  17. Fantasy football- 85%luck 15%skill It's so hard predicting outcomes of certain games Lmao- wtf with lindsay
  18. I grabbed the browns as well just before kickoff last night. As that game progressed into the second qtr it looked like the Jets had the better defense and I regretted taking the browns over the Jets defense... At least when I woke up and looked at the pt totals, going with the browns was the better move
  19. Would you guys roll with the Ravens this week and hope they put up dbl digit points or move on to the browns! I can't even believe I'm thinking of the browns over the Ravens...
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