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  1. Trade my Waller for his Ertz & Fuller. My team is: QB: Cam, Rodgers RB: Sanders, James White, Ingram, Justin Jackson WR: DJ Moore, Justin Jefferson, DJ Chark, John Brown, Em Sanders, Alshon Jeffrey TE: Waller IR: Ekeler 12 Team 1pt PPR. Sitting in 11th at 1-4. Any thoughts? I obviously need RB help but WR core pretty beat up/under performing and the trading partner doesn't have solid RBs (Only Cook and Singletary).
  2. It's awfully quiet in here. I'm nervous.
  3. I believe McKinnon practiced. He wasn't on the list of non participants. He was listed as day to day with the rib injury so not surprising. Ribs are usually a pain management thing. One hit on Sunday can take him out of the game. I like Wilson Jr. this week.
  4. Right...with your logic then a Wide Receiver in the NFL should produce the exact same stat line week after week because they aren't playing basketball and are a pro athlete. Noted. It's called repetition. Especially important for a rookie...who has only started one game....without an offseason... [...]
  5. I'm not expecting a repeat of last week, but what are people's thoughts on JJ not being able to prepare this week? I'd be more confident if he took that momentum into practice all week and solidified that WR2 role. On the other hand, I remember dropping buckets in a basketball game and couldn't miss. That week of practice I couldn't miss either. The game the weekend after I couldn't hit anything..... We shall see.
  6. My Ingram for his Lamb? My other Rbs are Miles Sanders, Ekler, James White & Jeff Wilson (pretty light on RBs). My WRs are DJ Moore, DJ Chark, Justin Jefferson, EmSanders, John Brown, Alshon. Ingram is frustrating to own and I feel like getting Lamb in return is a big win right now cause of the Ravens committee, even though I'm light on RBs.
  7. We thinking MustStart suits up this week? Also, does this backfield become muddy once they are all healed up or is this Mostert's backfield to lose?
  8. I'm curious as well. I need to slang a trade by end of day that he's involved in.
  9. I countered with trying to get OBJ and he countered with: My Miles Sanders/DJ Chark for his Mostert/Kupp/OBJ.... If Mostert is back 100% this week I feel that's a no brainer. Chark is getting extra test done on his chest and back.
  10. Golladay is a beast. I'm with BaBaBooey - I think it will even out at the end, no way Mixon doesn't produce with Burrow becoming more of a threat with the ball in his hands.
  11. I think I'd do it. Probably would like to see more TD grabs from Cooper since .5, but I think those will come. Cowboys Offense is legit. Mixon should get his (but probably not what you were expecting from his draft position). Burrow is slinging it and teams will have to respect the arm and will open up lanes for Mixon. As you saw my post, I have Miles Sanders. Big fan of him cause he's one of the rare 3 down work horses but the Eagles offense is scaring me. Wentz is second guessing everything out there and it's killing the eagles and their drives. Miles needs to be getting TDs to p
  12. I rank them in this order - Trade 3, Trade 2, Trade 1. If he/she won't pull trigger on 3 then Trade 2 is a solid play for Boyd. AJ Green is looking more and more not worth that franchise tag, not to mention Higgins is more involved. Boyd seems like the go to target if they need to move the chains and is a redzone presence. Burrow is slinging it this year and they are comfortable letting him too.
  13. Yes. I am 0-3 right now. It's a 12 team 1pt PPR league with 8 teams making playoffs so I think still have a solid path to making playoffs. I just can't find much info on Mostert injury. Have to pull the trigger today.
  14. My Miles Sanders/J Brown for his Mostert/Kupp. My other WRs are - DJ Moore, DJ Chark, Em Sanders, Alshon Jeffrey My other RBs are - Ekler, Ingram, James White, Jeff Wilson Jr., Malcom Brown TE - Waller QB - Aaron Rodgers & Newton He is also Trying to get rid of OBJ, thinking if I counter swing 1-2 (like Alshon or Em Sanders) more players of mine for total package of Mostert/Kupp/OBJ 1 point PPR
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