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  1. I didn't get to watch the game but was the Oline or Jonathan Taylor the issue with his low average? Also, surprised Hines is showing so many carries. Now that Mack should be out for a period of time, I would think week two is when he really gets the carries.
  2. Agreed with Gurley too. As for DJ, he is going to have some tough matchups the next few weeks with Ravens, Steelers and Vikings. Not sure what the expectations should be in those games.
  3. Agreed It's just annoying that I see a Johnson on the field and think it's my guy but then realize it's Duke. Trying to focus on their jersey numbers a lot.
  4. August 3rd, 2015---Thigh hamstring sprain/pull Grade 1 November 27th, 2016--Hand finger dislocation January 1, 2017---Knee MCL sprain Grade 2 September 10th, 2017---Hand wrist dislocation October 20th, 2019---Pedal/ Ankle sprain pull Grade 1 And I still drafted him. Several of those injuries were minor or freaky bad luck. Last year, Arizona used him terrible. I had a feeling he would do better at Houston with better Oline and the fact that they actually traded for him. AKA, he is their bell cow. After game 1, I felt he is on his way.
  5. Those goal lines would have been tough for anyone. Way too much penetration which forced CEH to make cuts behind the line of scrimmage.
  6. DJ should have gotten more. He isn’t effective lining up as WR. He is better coming out of backfield as a receiver
  7. I had an option between Higbee and Hurst in my draft last week. I took Higbee. IMO, the way he finished last year will push him in front of Everett (I had him last year). Could be top 5 potential.
  8. I drafted him in the 5th round about a week ago. A little bit concern with his ability to catch balls. Saw a report where he had like 4 drop balls.
  9. Dak was really good last year. Finished 2nd overall as a QB with good separation of LJ and Dak to the next tier of QBs. My thought process was since this is a QB heavy scoring league, to get a guy that is consistent. Plus adding CeeDee gives him another target and I believe this is still a contract year.
  10. Definitely typo with should be RB/WR. I think my strategy is start 3 RB with Barkley, DJ and CEH. See what happens with JT from the colts for the first few weeks. Then go with 2 WRs with choosing from Allen, TY and Devante.
  11. In all the mock drafts I did, I NEVER should have gotten CEH. However, I forget how dumb (probably drunk) some of the teams get during the draft. It's a money league too that we have been doing for about 20 years. Winner usually gets about 2k. Mahomes, Jackson and are you ready for this?.........Matt Ryan (drafted in the 1st round) went before my 2nd round pick. Everyone in the league looked at the guy and was like, oh yeah, that's a typical Darin pick... We have loser's of our league host/supply the food the draft for next year so maybe that's his strategy every year... Since
  12. 10 team 1/2 PPR league with QB heavy scoring. I had the 3rd pick overall. Starting lineup is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/QB, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 Defense Dak Prescott Aaron Rodgers Saquon Barkley Clyde Edwards-Helaire David Johnson Jonathan Taylor Allen Robinson Davente Parker T.Y. Hilton Justin Jefferson Emmanuel Sanders Tyler Higbee Blake Jarwin Jake Elliot 49ers Defense
  13. I want to but I have no idea what Jacobs will play and how much he will play. This is a FF nightmare now.. Made the playoffs but not sure what the status will be for a feature RB.
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