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  1. No dude I got a feeling something would go left with sanders because I needed him in order to win that’s my point smh
  2. I honestly had a gut feeling it would happen just didn’t have the balls to play him
  3. At the end of the day mike Evans was worth a second/third round pick outside of the first 2 games and the one he had zero he was either serviceable or he was in beast mode no need to complain imo
  4. My playoffs start week 14 if I have the bench space I’ll hold him because week 15 he is going to eat Atlanta like he did the panthers
  5. They say he is targeting being back week 14 would you guys play him seems like a wait and watch situation... thoughts ?
  6. Tevin Coleman owner Here and tbh he looks better than TC I’m actually thinking about picking him up instead they both get the same amount of touches he just makes the best of his
  7. What is up with Wentz not wanting to check down to miles sanders I don’t get it ? But he will glassy check Down to a slow tight end or even Boston Scott ... every time I watch the Eagles play he takes 2/3 sacks were he easily could have checked down to miles it’s crazy smh... This is frustrating because these couple of checked downs could easily be the difference in a huge game for miles
  8. Are you sure it was the same injury ? Like I said I’m just worried with him being banged up they are conservative with him when he returns because imo Mack isn’t that hot if he’s not getting 20 touches
  9. [...] I figure he comes back week 14/15 but is limited due to injury...on top of that his schedule is terrible and let’s be honest Mack hasn’t had but 3 great games all year but due to the amount of carries he gets it keeps him in the rb2 conversation... but if he comes back and is limited on top of a bad schedule how much can we really expect from him ??? Am I making sense ? What are you Guys thoughts?
  10. Call me crazy but I think hunt coming Makes Chubb better... the reason being is I think hunt will convert his 3rd Down opportunities ....Hilliard couldn’t get it done ... so We may so more extending drives that otherwise they would have been punting ... and with that comes more Chubb
  11. Facts people always overreact he had 2 bad games at the beginning and the zero game and the other games were straight savage ... he is that one player you have if your down 30 points that you know it’s possible for him to bail you out
  12. I think miles Sanders looks decent and with sproles and Clement out he may emerge
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