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  1. Hes averaging 5.5 ypc on the year, catches passes and the betting line is 28 points and win by 8. Hes a great start this week IMO.
  2. When the Cowboys couldn't move the ball and scored 10 points or less in consecutive games after Dak went on the IR. If the offense faceplants like that then Zeke loses his floor and along with the Cowboys scoring 1 TD in 2 games he loses his ceiling.
  3. If Hill plays 80%+ snaps at QB tomorrow, like he's expected to, then it breaks the game. In my league the highest scoring TE, Kelce, at 15.5PPG would be 28th among QBs, right in between Foles and Haskins. QB snaps are ridiculously more valuable then TE snaps.
  4. He wasn't the starting QB for the Saints for 11 weeks.
  5. A 29 page thread on people arguing that their tight end should be able to throw 40 times a game. Absurd. If I'm playing fantasy football I'd like the outcome to be determined by whoever has the best team/season, not whoever is fastest to pick up Taysom Hill so they can get 2 QBs in their lineup. ESPN really screwing up on this one.
  6. AJ Brown needs to be used like Deebo Samuel. Titans need to scheme to get him the ball with some end-arounds and screen passes because he's deadly in open space. During the game there were at least two play-action plays where AJ wasn't even on the field, and one 3rd and 18 in field goal range where Tannehill threw to a diving Firkser into like triple coverage 3 yards short of first down. If you're willing to just get closer for a FG there why not throw a screen to AJ and see what he can do. Just not a good use of talent on the team.
  7. I'm just differentiating WRs vs TEs and RBs but yeah Corey Davis is doing much better.
  8. AJ Brown + Corey Davis - 10 targets, 6 catches, 88 yards. 8.8 yards per target all other Titans - 17 targets, 9 catches, 59 yards. 3.47 yards per target
  9. He's been outscored by JD McKissic in the last 4 weeks and McKissic played one fewer game. Cowboys offense is having a very tough time moving the ball let alone scoring touchdowns and it destroys Zekes value. He's an uncomfortable FLEX at this point until something changes in that offense.
  10. Brady has 4 targets to RBs, 4 to TEs and only 2 to WRs so far.
  11. Over the last 4 weeks Juju is 74th among wide receivers in average points (6.9 per game) and in those games the steelers scored 28, 38, and 38 points. I'd consider cutting him if I had him because he's the type of player who is startable based on what he's done in seasons past but can destroy your FF season by consistently putting up duds. Hes averaging 5.6 targets per game over a third of the season and thats not going to win you any games.
  12. We only care about his opinions on injuries, which hes right on about 95% of the time. No one is going to him for treatment.
  13. Fournette had the 6th highest clocked RB speed among running backs last year at 21.38mph. Only Breida, Chubb, McCaffrey, Saquon and Tarik Cohen were ahead of him. He's far from Trent Richardson. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/top-plays/fastest-ball-carriers/2019/all
  14. I feel like Fournette wouldn't have signed in Tampa if he didn't have an opportunity to start or have a significant role. He's still only 25...
  15. His upside is 53 PPR points because he literally did that 7 weeks ago. Noone is saying that hes consistent, or that you should start him, nor does it matter that hes not the WR1 or whatever. But his ceiling is literally one of the highest of all wide receivers in the game.
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