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  1. So what's the excuse this time? Arians and Brady paid off the refs right? Or some secret society is helping Brady win? A society of rigging the NFL that not one person has ever come forward on. OooooK
  2. Dude, you are whining. If deflating a ball was a real thing that Brady was using to gain an advantage. Then why does he seem even better with more inflated sized footballs? lol
  3. The greatest example in history of never judge a book by it's cover. His eventual Documentary better with the Oscar too.
  4. I'm a Colts fan born in Indy and I'm not so sure really. Arians played it right, just hanging back and letting Brady figure it all out. Reich has to have his hands in everything and ends up destroying things.
  5. Ya I couldn't understand why the Colts had no issue throwing money at Rivers but not Brady!?
  6. Yep, that made this team. What's crazy is the 49ers really needed Wirfs, but got talked out of it with that gold bling shining in front of their face. Then Jimmy G got trainwrecked. Bamboozled by the Arians.
  7. Love Brady, but the MVP is DEFINITELY the Bucs Defense. They had Mahomes running backwards half this game.
  8. Mahomes with a horrible pass there. Dude was just not in this game for whatever reason. Maybe he won't do 82 commercials next season.
  9. Still though, taking a running back 1st round, isn't real bright.
  10. Too hard to win with these high running qb's in the playoffs when the defenses get so fast and good. These GM's never seem to learn. Kyler no playoffs and Lamar out again.
  11. Pittsburgh still going to have to make a big play on defense.
  12. Personally, I don't think he'll sadly ever get away from that ghosts thing. I hope my Colts stay away from him.
  13. Can't disagree. that's just insane to me. No balls at all. Yikes
  14. But who can they even bring in? They aren't going to get even 1 of the top 5 qb's in the draft. I doubt they want Darnold or Wentz as neither seem like Steeler types. I think they are with Rothlisburger at least one more year until they can get some higher draft capitol going.
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