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  1. I admit I felt the same way In my 14 teamer. I grabbed him in the second round after grabbing Kamara in the first. I was on the fence between Kelce and Adams. I didn’t want to be without a top flight WR1 but figured that having the top TE would be a pretty good advantage. Turns out neither was a bad decision. I was able to grab AJ Brown in the 4th so I still had a respectable WR1 all season. Helps that I was able to grab Justin Jefferson the week after he blew up. The advantage Kelce served was better than imagined. Not only did I lead the league in points and grab the first seed but also domi
  2. I went 1st place wire to wire. Led the league in points. Secured a first round bye. I have Kamara, Evans and Gronk going this week. Still have Kyler and Hopkins to go. I may break the league’s all time weekly scoring record! Why the rant? My team lost to the highest scoring team in the semi finals. 3rd place sucks.
  3. I’m down 16. I have Claypool and my opponent has Pittsburgh D. 0.5 ppr. I need a big performance from the rookie.
  4. Raider fan here who doesn’t own any shares of any of these backs. My take, Gruden likes to ride with one RB. The only reason Jacobs isn’t being run into the ground this year (which is kinda silly to say considering he’s amongst the league leaders in carries) is because Booker has surpassed any reasonable expectations. He’s given Gruden trust that he can put him in for series’ at a time. If Jacobs is out, I fully expect Booker to get bell cow treatment. Richard has never been anything more than a 3rd down scatback type. He might catch more passes than Booker but I can’t see him getting
  5. Mini rant since I’m still in first place...but here goes, I could have clinched the top overall seed and a bye if Pitt’s Def had been held under 9 points. With all the COVID drama on Baltimore’s side I figured Pitt had a great shot to surpass that point total but the game had to be played in order for it to happen. Unfortunately for me, the game was played and RG3 throws that first quarter pick 6. I never really stood a chance from there. I wound up losing by 5. Second highest points this week and taking an L ::sigh:: I started both Will Fuller (a whole other vent/rant but I digress) and Anton
  6. While these Josh Gordon threads have been HOF worthy, the Christine Micheal threads are stuff of legend and will be hard to top. At least JG had success in his career. The CM bandwagon was built on athleticism and hype. Honorable mention to Bryce Brown.
  7. A few weeks ago when Ertz got hurt and there was strong speculation that Goedert was coming back, I got a trade offer of his Phillip Lindsay for my Goedert. I countered by asking for Antonio Gibson instead of Lindsay. He accepted and now here we are a few weeks later and I feel like the playground bully who stole the kid’s lunch money.
  8. Amari Cooper and Dalvin Cook dank me. It was a good run. I was nervous when I drafted these two but they turned out some great seasons. Sucks for it to end like this.
  9. I’m finishing the season strong with a 3 game win streak in my 14 team ppr super flex league where I’m 4th in total points. Unfortunately I’m going to miss the playoffs by one game. The disappointing part is that my week one opponent turned out to be the guy who quit trying and gave nearly everyone a free victory. Bye week starts, IR’d player starts, even empty lineup slots. Why is this important you might ask??? Because in week 1 his team blew up for the highest point total of any team in any single week this season. I took that loss while everyone else benefited from his negligence.
  10. He was a desperation pick up for me in my 14 team super flex league the week that Andy Dalton was benched. He’s been pretty solid. Can’t complain.
  11. PPR league. Down by 60. Opponent is done. I have Tyler Lockett and a desperation play of Ross Dwelley. I’m feeling confident 😂
  12. Was able to swap him for DJ Chark today. Relieved to not have this headache anymore. Which probably means he’ll blow up now lol
  13. Worst part about the fumble was that it was on a play where I could not even score any fantasy points.
  14. I was the Chubb/Ekeler owner and lost by 0.06 to the Jameis owner
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