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  1. Apology accepted. Unless you slipped some laxatives into the guy's drink your actions have no consequence whatsoever.
  2. He's FT shooting is laughable at this point. Only reason he's drafted first round is his high volume high FT%. SMH
  3. Seriously, how can I drop this mother f---er. I'm sick of his ******** turn overs. Dumb ******** ****.
  4. James Harden, you are ******** trash. Can't make your FTs! Losing the cat to a Drummond team.
  5. Doesn't require discussion. Just set and forget.
  6. microfracture surgery? wtf didn't know that was a possibility. How long would he be out for?
  7. Firm hold at this point. Lonzo can't get his s--- together.
  8. I'm sorry, I'm a bit slow. Can you explain that one to me again?
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