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  1. Any insights into Lions @ Bears or Dolphins @ Packers for a yardage and points league? Leaning towards the Lions as Tribusky isn't a world beater and because of them aquiring Snacks.
  2. Any thoughts on a Lions and Dolphins stack? For people who play through week 17, we got the Dolphins Bills week 17, Dolphins Jags week 16, Lions Bills week 15, Lions Cards week 14, Dolphins Bills week 13, and Dolphins Jets week 9-- as far as nice matchups go. Week 10 either Fins Packers or Lions Bears, week 11 Lions Panthers, week 12 either Fins Colts or Lions Bears. We scurred of the Bears in a yardage league?
  3. Seems like a common denominator, I'm doing the same. Hopefully we aren't the sheep being lead to slaughter. In all reality though I think with Watson's lung as well as playing against Buf that Winston is probably the safer and the bigger upside play.
  4. Curious what does he have to say this week? His good leg and upside has me thinking about starting him this week. If we figure CJ settles into the middle of his extremes Gould could still be really productive ros.
  5. I think Cleveland is at least somewhat bolstered on paper because of their opponents. A bad Big Ben game, Darnold. Overall WRs have faired well against them, QBs have put up massive yards against them (the exception being Darnold). RBs have done well in the receiving game against them and Winston threw it to Barber several times last week. The matchup could be better but it could be worse too, TB is high flying and has plenty of weapons to test a D.
  6. yep. lots of weapons and he spread the ball around like crazy today.
  7. Lifetime he has played the Falcon well. REAL well. I'll go 300 3/0. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WinsJa00/gamelog/?opp_id=atl
  8. I didn't see the game myself but I read he 'aborted' the PAT, it said the hold looked good but something wasn't right so Gould didn't attempt the kick. __ Seems like starting field position could be a huge factor in Gould's success with CJ at the helm. Most often I think I'll be rolling with my other kicked but maybe Gould could be a good play against a team with poor pr/kr coverage or a team prone to turning the ball over.
  9. Well done sir. Thinking about moving on myself.
  10. Anyone rolling him out there this week? I'm not sold on CJ yet but 9ers and Cards game sounds like a 18-15 11 field goal type of game.
  11. I like their chances at getting multiple sacks and an INT. I've got Dallas going over Philly vs MN in a league that scores PA and YA. Kind of a pick your poison for me but Watson has been throwing picks and Cowboys are rank 3 for most sacks (14 on the season) and the Texans are ranked 2 for most sacks against (17 on the season).
  12. If you consider Alex Smith and KC last year, being a one year playoff flyer with Mahommes-- their future-- on the bench, Andy Reid would have declared Smith the stater for the next week at the presser after the game. Feeling pretty good that ****spantstrick is going to be holding Jameis's jock strap week 6. Coach shouldn't even be considering a qb change at this time.
  13. Not to mention the effects of sharing the resources an NFL qb gets for preperation for games. Even if Fitzpatrick gets all first team practice snaps Winston is going to be drawing some of these resources.
  14. I'm not dropping just yet but Jimmy G coming to the helm last year is what propelled Gould to a status of having his own threads.
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