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  1. Kenyan drake = not great, not terrible meme.
  2. What I don’t understand is why no ones talking him. How are there more people invested in guys like cooper Kupp or micheal Gallup when this dude has been a better fantasy player in every single aspect than those guys.
  3. I think one of these next 2 weeks Robby will go off for 27. Not sure which week tho. Tbh Robby’s production seems to not be affected by plying shut down defense. It’s more so game flow and targets that really dictate his value. if you look Robby has traditionally balled out in the playoffs, also with the amount of targets he gets / and only having 2 TD’s this season I expect some “reverting back to the mean” and expecting a couple end zone trips down the stretch
  4. It’s week 13. At this stage the waiver wire finds aren’t really gonna pop up. Guys lack Zach moss are essentially droppable. these are the weeks you load up on Tony pollard or Mattison if there available. Besides that don’t look at wire. Your team got you to playoffs. Snell isn’t gonna make a difference. If anything look to draft “good karma” guys like Tim Tebow, dez Bryant, or Tony romo, so they can ride your bench and get the championship they deserve but never got in their careers.
  5. Talented? Is he? Let’s pretend he is. This offense still is not set up for a RB to go off in fantasy. And if your holding in case Singletary gets covid, why not hold onto Mattison or Henry’s back up or Someone like that? At least those offense are centered around the Run game.
  6. 🎵One week 50, one week 5. If you start him in the playoffs, you’ll be sure to die 🎵
  7. Is his baby mama playing defense? bc he’s beating the **** outta coverages. Honestly I think Tyreek is the clear cut no.1 above Devante, simply because I feel like devonte is more injury prone than hill and more likely to miss a few games in a given season.
  8. Even then, isn’t Jrob the pass/hurry up RB to? Now that Chris Thompson is dead?
  9. I think we all agree minshew>Glennon>lufton. Lufton apparently checked down a lot in college so that’s where people were saying he would check down to Jrob a lot. I don’t think any QB on this roster will necessarily check down more than the other. The reason for more targets imo has to do with the fact that a better QB can get more first downs and thus more plays for the offense and more opportunity to “check down”. If lufton goes 3 & out or a turnover that’s less opportunities for him to check down. I’m sure if you looked at the check down rate as a % of all offensive pl
  10. Wasn’t lufton the check down king allegedly? If I hear one more person refer to a back up QB as a “check down machine/king” I’m gonna throw a chair on the court. At the end of the day all these guys check down the same I feel like, and Glennon doesn’t move the offense as great as Minshew, which is what really matters in terms of QB play leading to positive RB production.
  11. Neither of these backs is startable. I guarantee you won’t win you’re league if you’re relying on Leonard or Ronald McDonald.
  12. Anyone know if he’s got a shot at braking any unstaffed rushing records ?
  13. This fool done bro, move on. His ceiling Is 12 points 60 yards and a Tut. Who don’t do nothing.
  14. [...] with burrow gone this guy is trash. I’m dropping this fool for fez Bryant, bc I need winners on my team
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