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  1. why is it so hard to find footage these days?? everyone watching him says he looked awesome and i wanna see!
  2. signs of life. i haven't watched film but his name came up on a few podcasts and the reviews were strong. anyone see his runs?
  3. he's sitting there on the waiver but... i think i'm gonna just roll with adrian peterson and hang onto jaylen samuels for now...
  4. i'm a believer long term but i am a little skeptical that teams might start to figure minshew out as they get more tape. he's playing well but round 6 QBs dont often finish top 10... i think he's a dynasty buy at almost any price and a redraft sell. you should get a lot for him right now and there's a good chance he ends up in a low WR2 ROS if minshew comes down to earth a bit.
  5. like that he's ready to go but i think i'm gonna sit him for jimmy g... i'll check in with the "experts" tomorrow morning. i'm pretty bullish on josh in general but i think jimmy against cleveland is more likely to tread water and i want to avoid a stinker...
  6. i own him. he's my WR3 this year and i can see a scenario where i'm starting kirk over him when he's healthy but for now i'm fine with what i've seen. and i like watching pats games. he's no amari or kupp but gordon is still fun to watch (for me). i really enjoy rooting for him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. so? you said "Kupp doesn’t have less than 90% of the snap counts this year." and that's not true: https://www.lineups.com/nfl/snap-counts if you think it's an anomaly, say so. but mis-stating facts instead makes it look like you're playing fast and loose and kinda takes away some of your credibility...
  8. nope. no need to ignore it. but... no need to act like antonio brown will be a patriot all season long either. considering how gordon's performed without AB on the field, i feel pretty confident that gordon will end up closer to 1077 yards this season than 884 (his pace if the AB game is included).
  9. uhhh... 66.6% snap share last night... maybe watch the game or check the data before you talk about it?
  10. drop the antonio brown game, and gordon has 22 targets, 202 yards and a score in 3 games. not world beater numbers but good for a 1077 & 5.3 TDs. that pace would put him around top 15 in yards last year. he seems like a pretty safe bet for top 20 and if his scoring ticks up, top 12 is within reach. so im a little surprised at the pessimism in here. what that tells me is that there might be a lot of disgruntled gordon owners out there in your leagues who were hoping he'd be setting the world on fire out of the gate. that's often a recipe for a great buy low.
  11. 4 wildcats in the first half. 4 in the second half. you don’t have to make stuff up here.
  12. i'd bet on the 2nd year tight end over the rookie TE 99.99999% of the time, especially if they're similar athletes, just because it's so darn rare for a rookie TE to finish top 10. but if you own fant, you have to like what you saw considering his price tag.
  13. for starters: talent. he’s 95th% or better on all the combine metrics. he’s not just a fast sprinter either. he’s agile, quick and has a freakish catch radius. doesnt make him a sure thing but it just means his ceiling is higher than some of the other plodders at the position. (think george kittle.) second, he doesn’t have much legit competition for receiving yards in miami. third and most important, week 1 indicated a major shift in usage for him and bodes well for ROS production. he played a lot and ran routes on 72% of his snaps, both were way up from last year and
  14. i dunno. if you made a list of rookie RBs who received fewer than 10 carries in week 1 and went on to finish top 20, the list would be very very long. heck, kamara had 20 touches through 3 weeks his rookie campaign...
  15. people are snoozing on gesicki. big time. its common these days in FF. stat driven analysis rules the day but it leads to major blind spots. people see his disappointing rookie campaign (32 targets!!!), ignore the coaching change and talent, and have written him off. if you have the space in a deeper league or a dynasty league, grab him. nobody should be surprised if he goes 6 for 80 with a score this weekend.
  16. i said “granted it’s just one game but...” i didnt make any assumptions. just pointed out his target totals, which don’t seem to be getting much attention. take your middle school youtube commenter act somewhere else.
  17. only owned in 37% and hardly much hype about him but... 6 targets is.... something at least. obviously just one game but that would put him at 96 targets for the year, which would be 6th most last season. 2018 was atrocious but he wouldn't be the first rookie TE to struggle. worth keeping an eye on at this point in deep leagues.
  18. i once slept on my neck wrong and it hurt for 5 days but after that i was fine. i'm really not sure what's wrong with enunwa.
  19. PPR?!? in PPG he was RB12 in standard in 2017...
  20. this isn't really true. hill was in until the end and even got 3 carries on the final drive.
  21. i don't have the snap counts by quarter but at halftime, the carries were: ingram 9 gus 6 justice 2 in the 2nd half, gus took over for ingram and justice's usage ticked up. justice was in down the stretch with gus and getting carries on the final few drives.
  22. it's probably been the biggest change for me in my "fantasy football career" (heh). been playing about 20 years and the last 5 years or so, i just started drafting guys that seem like solid, fun dudes and totally avoiding "problem guys." not that i think gordon is a problem guy. far from it. he's got problems, sure, but i'm rooting for him. i mean more the guys that seem like dirtbags or or the douche nozzles with the obnoxious personalities. i rarely draft em. for some reason, it's just more fun for me this way. (edit: maybe i'm just old.)
  23. not to be pedantic, but why wouldn't this have been a normal game? they weren't down 4 scores or something. it was a close game and they chose to throw 80% of their plays...
  24. it's really weird. in baseball, they've had positional eligibility kinda figured out for many years. play enough games somewhere, and fantasy managers get to put you in there. i don't think it would be too hard to set some sort of snap % threshold (that would keep QBs from getting WR eligibility, say, if they ran an offense with a handful of wildcat plays.) if a guy is taking 75%+ snaps at one position in real life, he should probably get that sort of eligibility...
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