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  1. 12 Team Full PPR/Bonus League 9-4 record #3 seed. Most pts Scored. Back to Back Championships. QB-J.Allen WR-Tyreek(Traded Mixon/Gio/Woods) WR-Diggs RB-Chubb(#2 waiver claim in week 6 (owner had multitude of injuries)) RB-A.Jones TE-Andrews/Gronk(for a few weeks) FL-Gibson(turf toe drop scoop mainly to block others but used him in ship game bcuz playing owner who dropped him) K-Koo DEF-Streamed all year but ended with SEA/CLE Stack for playoffs Bench - J.Rob(#4 waiver claim week 1), McLaurin, Lamb
  2. Need 35.75pts From Allen/Diggs in a ppr/bonus league.
  3. Full ppr/bonus pts for long plays/TDs and yardage milestones. Higgins, Lamb, Gibson, Ito Smith Out- Jrob/McLaurin Waiver options-JAX RBs,Random WR4 types. Rest of Lineup: J.Allen T.Hill Diggs Chubb A.Jones M.Andrews FL- Koo CLE Def
  4. 12 Team PPR/Bonus 9-4 #3 seed. Most pts scored. QB-J.Allen WR1-T.Hill WR2-Diggs RB1-Chubb RB2-A.Jones TE-Andrews FL-J.Rob K-Koo DEF-SEA/CLE Bench: McLaurin, Lamb, Gronk, Gesicki, NO(DEF)
  5. Top 3 teams in a 12-team PPR Bonus league. Starters Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Herbert Rodgers J.Allen D.Adams K.Allen T.Hill C.Samuel Lockett Diggs Henry CMC Chubb Montgomery Gibson A.Jones Fant Kelce Andrews Swift Gallman J.Rob BAL Def ARI/WFT Def SEA/CLE Def K-Gonzalez K-Mcmanus
  6. Who needs an all pro RB when you have JAG Williams
  7. This is correct except this year it feels like Williams is getting the higher value play calls/targets, while they keep sending Jones to smash his face up the middle between the tackles. That is how its appeared the last two games Jones has been back, probably not backed up by the numbers but at face value thats how it appears.
  8. I agree with poster above. As a mixon/gio owner I might have to put him on the same level as CEH. Was this trade offered to you or are you hoping the CEH owner will take it? If it was offered to you I would take it. Thielen is a nice uprade on your WR2 situation.
  9. With Mixon still questionable the deal would be Mixon/Gio/Woods for Hill/Bell. Bell is just a throw in. I'm decent at RB depth with Jones/Chubb/Jrob. Of the 4 RB i own Mixon is the biggest ?. I would love to roll out a roster that is: QB-J.Allen WR-Diggs WR-Hill RB-Jones RB-Chubb TE-Andrews FL-McLaurin/Jrob
  10. I dont think you need to but if you did option #2 sounds pretty good. But as stated MT13 is more PPR beast than standard.
  11. All depends on how serious CMC shoulder injury is, if CMC is only missing 1 game Hunt but if CMC will be out again you have to go with davis who will have the more consistent workload. Hunt with Chubb back will slide back into 3rd down/COP role which produces more than his full time role right now but Davis would end up with more snaps than hunt.
  12. I would aim for Kelce. Team 2 needs WR and RB. If you are going to try to move Mixon(not sure he can pull Kelce honestly) you have to include Gio at this point otherwise Mixon value takes a big hit in the trade(with limited participation today coming off the bye). Although I'm not sure a trio of Bengals players will be tantalizing enough to move someone like Kelce.
  13. Worth a shot but CEH value has tanked as of late. Not sure he can pull a Henry at his current value. But if you can do it! (as a Jones owner I can tell you I wouldnt make that trade)
  14. When Chubb comes back Hunt's value is in PPR not standard. I think Andy Reid is might be saving CEH for the stretch run. Rookie RB's do sometimes hit a rookie wall.
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