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  1. The alternatives are likely bad. But Washington D is playing lights out and Seattle has looked lost on offense most of the last 6 weeks. I’d say < 2td’s and the yardage to match this week. Probably a turnover or two as well. Washington isn’t a team to force a shootout either so their won’t be the opportunity for the points that come by that scenario either. Most likely is these teams trading stalled drives for much of the game. Hope I’m wrong!
  2. I think we also know that NFL players are extremely low risk of having problems with Covid. The NFL is basically just saying what most of us are thinking.
  3. Military academy triple option style offense coming to a Denver offense near you!
  4. With Tonyan tonight my TE production for the season totals 26.5 points. That’s 2.8 per game. Used 4 different guys. I can’t accidentally get a decent game at TE.
  5. Can we bring out extra fantasy points out of the locker room at half time though?
  6. Got the same combo goin. I’m quite accustomed to disappointment by this point so I’m expecting about 8.
  7. Awesome thing about owning Brady this year is him constantly throwing from the 1(and sneaking)
  8. Daniel Jones strikes me as one of the biggest disappointments this season. Thought he would take a considerable step forward and lose the turnovers. He just got worse.
  9. Brady no doubt, I think he has 2 more years after this. Brees is probably in his last, especially if they fizzle out toward the end.
  10. You guys should check out The Last Kingdom on Netflix. Very underrated.
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