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  1. Thank you James for helping me get to the ship. Your brothers Kamara and Mike Evans took the weight off of you bringing the crown home... Rest easy.
  2. Gage vs KC DJ Moore vs Wsh Corey Davis vs GB Brandin Cooks vs Ciny
  3. With Tyler Boyd out, one has to think it's a good thing for Gio.
  4. When the Titans have to throw the ball (which is likely against GB) Corey Davis eats. Start him
  5. Nah, if you were going up against Kamara, you're out of it.
  6. Got Kamara in both my championship matchups... He might single handily win be both
  7. Hopefully the coaches have learned he's their best back they have. Just find it hard to believe he doesn't get a ton of work after last week against Pit.
  8. KC is also the 2nd ranked pass defense in Drew Brees' first game back. The rust will be worn off, its gonna be the Kamra/Sanders show. Both will probably get close to 8-10 targets each.
  9. Both have hard matchups. Gage has the better QB and will most certainly be in a positive game script all game for him as the falcons will be losing the entire time. Who would you go with?
  10. I think im going to start Gio in his place. Not practicing at all this week, probably be a game time decision. If I'm him, I wouldn't even want to play less than 100% on a rookie contract. Chicago defense has not been as good, but without that garbage time TD reception last week, he busts.
  11. Gage or Dionte Johnson? And Gage, Corey Davis, Brandin Cooks, Immanuel Sanders (Pick 2)
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