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  1. No love for Vucevic, Tobias Harris? (both 1st round total value) Some Surprises: Kelly Olynyk, T.J. McConnell (both top 60 in total value)
  2. Tatum is ranked #9 in season total value, #16 on season averages. I don't think that's a bust, he's basically ranked where he was expected to be at. The total numbers would look better if he didn't get Covid earlier in the season. I never believed Luka would provide 1st overall value in 9 cat. (mostly due to his FT% on 7+ attempts, high TOs, low stocks). Yeah CP3 has taken away from Bubble Booker, also Booker's low stocks push him down rankings.
  3. Mo leads the Magic in 3P%, I repeat Mo leads the Magic in 3 point percentage. He shot 27.5% from 3 in college on 1.7 attempts. With the Magic he has improved from 30%-34.6%-38.5% in his 3 seasons. If he can just stay healthy...
  4. Hold and see, J.B. is looking to get all 5 frontcourt players playing time. In this article, J.B. mentions using Nance at the 3 for stretches to open up time for the other frontcourt players (Love, Allen, Wade, Hartenstein). Cavs are still only 3 games back for a play-in spot, so their best players should still play the most minutes. (Garland, Sexton, Nance, Love, Allen). While in blowouts, the younger players will see more time. J.B. may still experiment with different lineups, since he hasn't had all the projected starters healthy at one time throughout this season. Regarding b2bs for Love i
  5. I forgot that this team was led by Casey, veterans will play. He's trying to develop Cory Joseph as well.
  6. https://www.theroot.com/kyrie-is-not-your-negro-1846663626 Kyrie is definitely a clown lol.
  7. After today's game, Giannis would've had almost 2 weeks (12 days) to rest the sore knee. It was a good rest strategy with the matchups in the week, but they lost a couple of winnable games. It doesn't really matter for the Bucks though since they are basically locked into the 3rd seed.
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