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  1. The source was from Chris Fedor, the Cavs NBA reporter.
  2. They were also on the front end of a b2b while getting blown out before the 4th. I didn't notice the b2b until after the prior comment, but yeah maybe there was some showcasing involved as well.
  3. 2 threes/10 points /6 boards/ 4 assists/ 4 steals/ 1 block in 26 min. Hopefully Silas tries starting both Patton and Wood after the All Star Break.
  4. Are the Pels showcasing Bledsoe right before the trade deadline/All Star Break? Bledsoe has played over 41 min compared to Lonzo's 26 min. Redick has also played 28+ min this game.
  5. Lol wtf literally playing 2K in real life in Pro mode.
  6. He's basically the new version of J.J. Barea, will produce plenty of the main counting stats with minimal stocks.
  7. Blazers are really cursed with injuries for life.
  8. It was matchup purposes, they went with a smaller lineup and Nate opted for the same with Capela being the lone big for defensive purposes and they won the game. Also, it was a front end of a b2b and Capela is considered questionable tonight so in that respect it was a good move. I expect Collins to see a lot of minutes tonight against Orlando.
  9. https://celticswire.usatoday.com/lists/nba-boston-celtics-more-time-for-timelord/ https://streamable.com/8efzwg
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