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  1. To be clear, imma start both wr and another wr on flex. I'm debating on my 2nd rb
  2. 12 team PPR league With the news of zeke being out. Who should I start, CEH, Drake or Pollard? Pick 1 Team: QB: Hurts Wr: ridley, woods, Allen Robinson Rb: Mike Davis(already started), drake, pollard, CEH, hunt Te: toyan 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 1 flex.
  3. Not much off the waivers this week. Should I run with Washington Def against Seahawks or NE def against Miami? There is also Vikings, NO and giant def on waivers as well
  4. Who would you start for the playoffs? Hurts or Goff? Also notable pick ups available. Carr Mayfield Trubisky
  5. In a 12 Team PPR league and finally made it to the playoffs by streaming QBs but I'm stumped this week Here are some options Jalen Hurts Jared Goff Derek Carr Trubisky Cousins Feel like Hurts is on top of the list but there is only 1.5 game sample size of what he can do. Thoughts?
  6. I hate all options but which would you go with? Wentz, Carr or Cousins I am really pulling away from Wentz cuz he has been failing me on a weekly basis
  7. Thank you. I am currently sitting in third but every win counts haha. that is why i am skeptical because i dont think TE will get me all that much at this point. But i will consider dropping sanders first...
  8. 12 Team PPR QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 W/T, 1 W/R QB: Cam WR: Hopkins, Ridley, Chark, Sanders, RB: Conner, Gaskin, Mattison, Henderson, Bell, Fournette, Lindsay TE: Waller I am in a tough pickle. Waller is on a bye this week and I need a TE for the week. I am/was a Barkley owner so i spent all my faab on RBs in a panic but now I need to drop someone for a TE this week and risk losing them on the waivers. I was originally going to drop sanders because MT is coming back after the bye but as you can see, I am thin on receivers. I shifted to either lindsay
  9. Thank you. I wont need him in the upcoming weeks, this is just more for depth in case soeone gets injured in RB
  10. Is hunt groin injury something to be worried about in this trade?
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