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  1. Very true, I forgot about that. Bears definitely have more to play for but their popularity makes me nervous choosing them. Away from home against Glennon who ran some tight games against the Browns and Vikings. Think I'm gonna go with the Texans tbh. All 3 options (including Cleveland) make me nervous this week so may as well go with the least popular option.
  2. That's a very tough decision but I think I would burn KC this week if I was in your spot. Would rather PHI or WAS than a resting KC
  3. I'm still deciding who to go with this week. 8 left in our pool, 1 picked TB earlier so 7 of us still to go. Knowing the other 6 teams will be picking either Chicago or the Browns (2 definitely with CHI and other 4 very likely to go with CLE), should I pivot to the Texans at home to the Bengals this week for the higher expected value? Or is that too risky and I should just follow the crowd?
  4. You win these games by being the last 1 standing, not standing at the end with thousands of others. The risk of choosing Buffalo is that you have more chance of losing that one week but more chance of winning the entire season (if Buff win and KC loses, your chances of winning the entire season increases by a lot)
  5. Anyone worried about our boy Allen away to SF this week? Their defense has improved recently and Goff has a rough stat line last week. I'm staring at some waiver wire heros with beauty matchups this week and am tempted to sit Allen. Must win to qualify for playoffs, can't afford a single digit game. Or does his rushing baseline make him an autostart and blasphemy for thinking otherwise?
  6. I like fading MIN and LV this week for their negative EV. Titans should be a decent pick next week but, depending on the likelihood of your pool going to week 15, make sure you have an option for then because I know SEA and TEN are my best options week 15.
  7. 11 of 13 remaining in my league have used MIA already so I'm tempted to use them at home to CIN this week and hope for an upset in LV/NYJ game or hope lots of teams go with Seattle. I'm aiming to keep SEA for their home game against the Jets.
  8. I've decided to switch to NO this week. Carolina only lost by a field goal to Brees+co at home a few weeks ago, not entirely sure I'd definitely trust them in the reverse fixture week 17, not to mention the possibility of NO maybe resting players by then. I'll take the EV boost this week. Good luck everyone!
  9. I was hoping to save NO for week 17 but this is tempting. Line appears to have moved to -14 from what I can see. Still think Giants should win their one, am I better off holding the Saints for later? 13 left. 6 already burned NO
  10. I literally logged on here to post that exact same question. Currently on Giants but NO very tempting now. Have broncos confirmed what's happening with their lineup?
  11. Anyone worried about our boy this weekend? Glennon at QB, Will it just be a one sided game? Browns defense have been decent. Would be lying if I wasn't tempted to sit him ahead of some of the week 12 waiver wire RBs but haven't got the cabinets to drop him. What's everyone's temperature on Robinson this week? Set and forget?
  12. So it's basically down to who I trust best out of Miami, Giants and Browns. 🤮 Browns have decent future value so might try to keep them. Are the Texans an option at all this week on the road to Detroit? Planned to go Miami but now tempted to keep them for next week at home to the Bengals when there might be more certainty around their QB situation or maybe just avoid them altogether. Giants on Thursday off a bye, hmm. Might see how the line moves as the week goes on. I generally prefer an earlier matchup too so I'm not sweating all weekend. Hated waiting til the Monday night a few weeks ago!
  13. Dangerous precedent to be starting imo. It's up the managers to make sure their moves are properly executed. Wait til next week when someone else meant to pick up the random rookie who popped off on a thurs night etc. On the plus side, I highly doubt anyone will be picking up Gostowski next week anyway so he should easily be able to get him for free.
  14. Exact same decision for me. Leaning towards Dobbins with Ingram doubtful and Lindsey active for Denver. Both should have safeish floors but I see a bigger ceiling with Dobbins so that was my thinking
  15. Homer's only seen max 4 carries and max 2 targets all season long. Dallas's YPC might have been low against the 9ers 2nd best run defense but he still scored twice, seems like they trusted him and Seattle won the game. I'm firing up DeeJay this week ahead of some other decent options
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