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  1. I'm a big Kirk fan so I would not drop him. There is a lot of potential waiting to be unveiled in that offense and Kirk is talented enough to take advantage.
  2. John Brown.He's the clear number 1 and we've seen him get the job done before. Mclaurin would be more of a bench stash for me. He seems to be the number 1 in Washington but I don't really trust Keenum. Jordan Reed coming back could hurt his target share. I think he is a solid player but we just don't know yet whether he will be a consistent performer.
  3. I'd ask for more than John Brown. Stud TE's are very valuable. He may not be a stud yet but he is trending that way.
  4. I have a feeling he is gonna have a solid game. He played a lot of snaps in a week they didn't game plan for him so his lack of production makes sense. I think he is a great flex this week or WR 3 if you have injuries.
  5. The other good news for him is that he is so illiterate that nobody can fully translate the emails he sent his trainer.
  6. Sanders stats from week 1 are very misleading.The fact that they got down 17-0 didn't help his cause. He is the main man even though he won't necessarily be a bell cow. He also looked really good out there. I think a big breakout game is coming soon and maybe this week. I am concerned about the SF offense. They don't have much in the receiving game besides Kittle. I'm hoping for a Deebo breakout some time this year. I loved Breida coming into this year and maybe his poor showing was more about him being dehydrated and the team being rusty.
  7. If Burkhead is out of the game it makes sense that White will get more touches. Last year when Rex was out White had more touches and some huge games.
  8. Monitor whether Lockett is gonna play. He is questionable. This could be a shootout. Allen had decent fantasy points even with 4 turnovers and the Giants don't have much of a rush. I think both of your choices are decent.
  9. The good news for him is that the police are not going to open an investigation. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/antonio-brown-allegations-probe-pennsylvania-da
  10. It does seem like a possible money grab. The problem is that the way AB has acted in the last year may work against him big time. At this point it's not about facts it's about perception. A lot of rape victims don't go to the police. If this was Larry Fitzgerald we would all be like.....NO! With Antonio Brown it's more like......Probably!
  11. I think the fact that the Patriots were blindsided by these allegations is not good. Also, More details are emerging regarding texts and emails that paint an ugly picture for Brown. The Patriots took on Brown hoping this could be a clean slate and it's already getting messy. I have a feeling he's gonna get released again.
  12. You might be right. I just have a really good feeling about Kirk and think the chemistry between him and Murray is gonna get better and better. I too would target the Fitz in crunch time. I think Kirk will surpass him in targets as the season progresses. Larry only had one more than him in game one.
  13. Kurt Warner is playing corner for them?
  14. I think Kirk will end up the number 1 on this team. Fitz will be a close second. I'm jealous of all of you Fitz owners. I'm an Antonio Brown owner and would trade this turd for a class act like Larry all day.
  15. Do we think AB is gonna play this week? It's not looking good.
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