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  1. [Removed Cool Story] i see jokic as a top-5 fantasy player this year with lots of upside. he should end up being no worse than top-10. i would take him over lebron, curry, and kd. and he's a major force for leagues that reward you for double-doubles. his best years are here to come and he's preached to the media that he wants to become an all-star this year. denver should have a high powered offense and they have a ton of playmakers who can feed him the ball and also score off his crisp passes. towns is the only player in dynasty i'd right the ship over jokic, but i can't name a single other player i'd definitively take over jokic. he's that good. that talented. unleash nikola# 2019. let the hype train leave the station.
  2. Yahoo has him ranked 19th. Is this blasphemy? I say with a roaring shout, "yes!" He is a top 10 fantasy player in my book. Top 5 for dynasty purposes. I said it here first. I could be terribly wrong, but I'm all in this year. He is currently ranked 10th in my top-10 overall rankings. That's right. There are only 9 other players I would draft ahead of him this year in redraft leagues. He's going to be taking 10 threes a game. He'll probably make 7 threes some nights. There are 80-point games on the horizon folks. But no seriously, don't sleep on him this year. For real. I'm drinking the Beal juice and you should too.
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