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  1. Ben McLemore is on my wire and, although obviously not a replacement for Holmes' big man stats, looks like a real spicy add at the moment...
  2. Exact same boat. Have AD and PG, and both of them wet the bed tonight. Fortunately - and somewhat ironically - Zach LaVine didn't.
  3. Just given PF eligibility on ESPN... but he can't get SG eligibility? When does he ever actually play PF?
  4. Problem there is not having another PG and all of the free agent PGs being absolute garbage (as expected in a 14 team league)... and not at all sure if Nance/Holmes have any trade value as a sweetener to combine with anybody else on my roster.
  5. No idea, really. Dragic would give me a second PG eligible player, though... and Devin Booker is elite as long as he can stay healthy. Booker + Paul George + Anthony Davis sounds like a dream combo... but not sure if I like Dragic enough to go through with the deal.
  6. My team as presently constructed (10 cat H2H - 9 cat plus offensive rebounds). 14 team league. Anthony Davis Paul George CJ McCollum Zach LaVine Robert Covington TJ Warren Jarrett Allen Brook Lopez Larry Nance Jr. Patrick Beverley Luke Kennard Richaun Holmes Miles Bridges
  7. He’s my only PG eligible player, and he actually helps a lot as an underrated source of rebounds for a point guard (two rebound categories in this league) along with steals and the occasional block.
  8. Can't keep all three (Paul George is on my IR), so have to drop one. 10 cat (9 cat + offensive rebounds) H2H, 14 team league. Here's my full roster. Anthony Davis Paul George CJ McCollum Zach LaVine Robert Covington Jarrett Allen Brook Lopez TJ Warren Larry Nance Jr. Miles Bridges Patrick Beverley Luke Kennard Richaun Holmes
  9. Fell to me at #26 (after I had already drafted AD), so I did exactly this and paired them up to punt assists.
  10. Went punt assists in my 14 team H2H league and drafted AD first and PG second.
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