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  1. I agree with this, if they really see him within the organization reaching the mlb in the next year or two you’d think they would make the switch nowZ One thought process I have is the much more inherent value of keeping him at the cornerstone position for higher trade value. Hope not as I have a bunch of shares of him
  2. I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to post here. Kim 1000% they won’t rush Abrams as much as I’d love to see it
  3. Torkelson abrams witt vaughn
  4. How do you guys value him in dynasty in daily format? I personally view him as a top 40 asset in that type of league, curious what others think
  5. Who do you see as the worst guy? I think it’ll be Clint in a Bottom tier of his own when it’s all said and done and bogaerts and lindor pretty close and Lux being the difference maker in this deal. Everyone has prospect fatigue on Lux just like Tucker went through and now many argue Tucker is a top 15 asset. Both had very similar pedigrees and I’d argue Lux had the much higher ceiling. Maybe I’m just the low guy on lindor here. I know I lean B pretty heavy here
  6. Bogarts extremely underrated and Mark it down here Lux is K. Tucker 2.0
  7. I think you done did good! I’m no high on Elieser but cashing in on Scherzer before he falls off a cliff to get Ohtani and Witt was a great move
  8. Personally I think you’re missing one more ace but that’s just my take with it being a 14 team league. I’d definitely aim for a bonafied ace in a deal that requires you trading witt
  9. Absolutely, but I’d try and get a prospect Instead of Leclerc.
  10. I personally think trading a blue chip prospect like that is an all in kind of move. I wouldn’t make that trade pre-season personally, especially as I ALWAYS try and trade arms for bats or arms for arms. Never bats for arms. I would hold unless you can a massive overpay
  11. Pena and I don’t think it’s particularly close. Order after that would be Diaz, Hernandez, Burdick
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