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  1. An overpay forsure but not one I would think would be vetoed unless it was with one of your buddies or something.
  2. That’s why I think it’s all situational on what the state of the OP’s squad is. If he’s not immediately competing I think you always go for the higher ceiling player. Maybe we just have different philosophies?
  3. Depends where your team is at right now. If you’re in to win it probably crochet but if your a few years away Abel. I love Abel and lots believe he could end up being best arm out of 2020 draft class
  4. I’d give this article a read to help with your decision. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.fantraxhq.com/mlb-offseason-injury-report-yordan-alvarezs-prognosis-of-excellence/amp/ Recently pulled the trigger on a Yordan trade in my dynasty league and feel like I bought at the absolute best time taking advantage of a squad who needed arms Badly. I’d lean yordan pretty heavily here.
  5. Alejandro Kirk got the call for the Jays. Eric Cross over at Fantrax is all over this guy. Believes he will be a top 5 dynasty catcher before long. Homer over here being a jays fan but I love this kid
  6. 0%, Jays regime already said when they drafted him they would be very careful with his development to find a positional home.
  7. Correa and Jrod side for me but it’s splitting hairs. I think Jrod is the difference maker in this trade. I LOVE Brujan but I hate his context. Besides the Rockies probably worse squad to be on for playing time as a prospect IMO
  8. What are my fellow Lewis owners doing? [...] Tempted to float him on the block to see what he would fetch me but also tantalized by him looking like a top 50 dynasty asset going forward.
  9. OBP 5X5 league. Curious to see What you guys think of this deal that just happened in my league. Enough of a haul for the goat? Side A) Trout Side b) Bichette, Guerrero jr, Olson
  10. Story, not even close. Dude is 23 and has 2 bum knees already
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