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  1. Could have had a monster team. But I lost Jay Ajayi before I could trade him, and now my top 2 WR's are out. AJ Green and Kupp. Dude, wtf. Now I have to start Suttland and Baldwin. Last year I lost OBJ too.
  2. Picked up Rivers before another owner. His QB and TE were Baker Mayfield and Charles Clay. He accepted a bid of Rivers + Jordan Reed + Tyler Lockett For AJ Green I feel like I robbed from this guy, but just want to make sure its not hopeful thinking lol
  3. Top team in my league just traded away Phillip Lindsay......for Michael Thomas...... Feels bad man.
  4. Good trade, especially if you have the RB depth. Gronk may not end up as the TE1 you drafted, but in my mind he can only go up with that talent. Answer my question if you have a chance! Really good trade for you, TJ's value was drastically reduced with the Hyde trade. Kirk is still little more than a project with how bad that offense is. Aaron Jones is a really nice long term play at RB who has shown he has talent but we can't be sure he'll get the opportunity. Hilton, on the other hand, is a WR1 who is the a star receiver on a passing team that has little more in the passing
  5. 12 man PPR Traded away : Marlon Mack + Chris Carson Got: Cooper Kupp + Aaron Jones Thoughts?
  6. Wait no dude, I'm not telling people not to vent and such. There were literally just 2 or 3 posts I saw that were just idiotic because people thought they were owed wins and how dare the player not play up to my expectations etc etc. Thats all I mean, I'm not painting all these statements with a broad brush, I probably should have led with that tbh.
  7. Pathetic in which way? I get what your saying, but I just reminded people of the exact logic you're talking about they remember 24 hours later when they cool off, no need to get butt hurt my guy.
  8. Yea, I get venting and ranting. I don't get people feeling entitled to being right all the time and blaming others when they're not right, that's all.
  9. I'm struggling heavily at WR, is it even worth it to go for Cooper? Or has it really just been that bad?
  10. I don't get people sometimes. 1) their job is to win football games, not make sure we're happy with their fantasy performances. 2) if you started a player, or drafted a player. YOU made the choice. So if you're mad at anyone, be mad at yourself for making that choice and learn from it. Don't blame player X for not playing well or analyst Y for hyping up that player. That's all
  11. that awkward moment gordon catches a 34 yard touchdown pass...
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