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  1. I needed 18.7 standard points from Diggs... AND JUST GOT IT!! HOLY BALLS!! (I finished third now, in the money, over a team who scored 300 points less than me this season and whom it would have been awful to lose to here).
  2. HE DID IT! HE DID IT! DIGGS JUST SAVED MY SEASON!! HOLY MOLEY!! I needed 17.8 points in standard, and Diggs just got it!!
  3. I need 18.7 points in standard scoring from Stefon Diggs on MNF in order to salvage third place. So, 127 yards and a TD would do it (provided no fumbles lost). Fat chance.
  4. If only I had pulled the trigger and started Carolina instead of Cleveland. That made the difference between winning and losing for me, and finishing in the money versus empty pockets.
  5. Turns out I should have played Jalen Hurts over Mahomes, but not for the reason I thought! Well, looks like I'm gonna finish 4th, out of the money despite scoring the most points in my league this year. Fun times.
  6. Three weeks ago I had a WR corps of DK Metcalf, Will Fuller, Stefon Diggs and Michael Thomas (my first round pick), plus Keenan Allen (whom I picked up back in week 1 or 2 after someone waived him in frustration when he hit the injury report). Crazy loaded, plus Antonio Gibson had just scored over 30 points against the Cowboys, so I was feeling pretty ready for the playoffs. And Ekeler had just come back too! Well, somehow I'm down to Metcalf as my only healthy WR (facing Jalen Ramsey again, of course), and I'm now going to be playing in the third-place game after facing the one team who ou
  7. Assuming the Steelers beat the Bengals tonight, if 12-2 Pittsburgh went on to lose to the Colts next week (very possible), the 13-1 Chiefs could wrap up home field by beating Atlanta and then rest people against the Chargers in week 17. I feel like they'll have incentive to play to win, unless they look up at the scoreboard and the Steelers are blowing out Indy in the second quarter or something like that. (Both games are 1:00 EST starts.)
  8. Basically the same yardage as last week, but without the TDs. It's a risk we took when we played Davis, but it still stings, [...]
  9. 1st round pick, used him twice this season. Well, that's still two more times than I used LeVeon Bell a couple of years ago when he held out, so I guess he's not the all-time biggest bust.
  10. Scored the most points in my non-PPR league this season (1633, 110 more than the next-best team), despite two of my top three picks being Michael Thomas and Ekeler, who missed half the season. But this is a head-to-head league, and I finished second to a team that scored 300 less than me, because her opponents only averaged 88 points a game. Because of that Mahomes-to-Hill missed TD two weeks back (and Gibson's injury vs Pitt), I lost a three-point game and wound up finishing one game behind. Now I'm playing the aforementioned second-best team in the league, and they have nothing but great mat
  11. Mostert is killing me, and I found out this week about Mixon's college incident and saw the video, so I can't bring myself to use him anymore. Crap season all around.
  12. I'm rolling with both Carson and Penny this week. I think the Seahawks will be running a lot against the Rams and maybe dumping off to the backs more than usual. Between them I'm hoping to average 14-15 points. My other two guys are RB2-RB3 types anyway, so why not?
  13. Up 8 going in, have Wilson and Carson going (I have Penny too, but I figure Carson has the higher floor), and opponent has Cook going. As a Seahawks diehard fan, if I lose my FF matchup it's probably the sign of a very, very bad night.
  14. My running backs are Carson, Mixon, Hyde and Penny (just picked him up after Sunday's fumblequake). My opponent is starting Cook, Elliott (he got about 13 points in my league yesterday) and Jonathan Williams in her flex spot. Everywhere I look all of my guys but Penny are on "bust" lists, and Penny might end up with five carries for 20 yards or something like that. Outlook: poop emoji.
  15. Came into the game down about 4 points, opponent had Rams defense, I had Kupp. Won by 1.15 because the Ravens knocked LA's defense into the -4 baseline zone (-1 with the three sacks) with that 45 point explosion, even though Kupp didn't do much. Heart was in my throat when RG3 came in and started passing the ball, though - one INT would have done me in.
  16. Still kinda numb over that one... how? How?? For the love of Jackie Smith, HOW??
  17. That Wilson airball over Hollister's head really did me in. I had both of them, and instead of being up about 10 now I'm losing going into tomorrow night with my opponent having the Rams defense and me having Cooper Kupp. Tough, tough season.
  18. Wow, this really blows as a Seahawks fan and as a Wilson/Hollister/Carson owner...
  19. "stunned frustration" describes my current state of mind...
  20. Q: Why did Wilson inexplicably and uncharacteristically overthrow a wide-open Jacob Hollister in the end zone? A: Because I have both of them on my fantasy team, and a double-TD play is simply NOT ALLOWED for me this season. My effing jinxes literally control the universe.
  21. Q: Why did Hunter Henry fall down with an open field in front of him? A: Because he's on my fantasy team!
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