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  1. Who should I start ppr eckler vs buf ceh vs tb thanks
  2. MT, Ridley(if healthy) and williams for me. If Ridley is out I like dionte in his place.
  3. I would drop green as well really hasn’t done anything this year.
  4. Wentz team is getting healthy and despite last week has been playing well.
  5. I think I’d start juedy with the Atlanta matchup think he can have a big game even with Tim Patrick. Though I like Holden Tate as a close second.
  6. I wouldn’t do it either your too weak at RB and set at wr.
  7. I’d do it as well Lamar has nice playoff schedule and Allen Tyreek kinda a wash.
  8. Justin jackson vs lv CEH vs Carolina Gibson vs NYG ppr
  9. Woods, cooper, chark woods is #1 wr on rams offense Getting plenty of volume looks very safe consitant option. Cooper of course losses value with dalton but still 1 on Dallas offense and chark is hindered by jaguars offense tho being down a bunch and trash time playage could help him.
  10. I like trade 1 but also don’t know abt godwin with ab in town. I also like 3 with MT coming back soon could be boost to your team not giving up too much and getting Jonathan Taylor. I feel Robison will lose value as he faces more tough run D end of year scdule not very friendly.
  11. Yeah I see being 2-4 and needing the upside now, I like AJ brown a lot too but in your situation need to win now Adams will certainly help with that.
  12. I doubt cmc owner accepts With an signing if he does then take it.
  13. If they force you to give AJ brown and Golladay For just Adams I would say no but AJ brown and gollady for Adams and Parker seems like a good trade to me.
  14. Who should I Start ppr league, pick two. Gibson vs Dallas Justin Jackson vs Jaguars Robert Woods vs bears James Robinson vs Chargers thanks.
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