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  1. The order I would start them is andrews>powell>penny>anderson>fuller Andrews is the safest but Powell could be a good start since one of bell's better games was against the fins and he should be involved. Penny anderson and fuller could have good games buy I don't trust any of them. Thanks for the help on mine Good luck
  2. Who would you start this week full PPR? RB- Sony, Snell or powell WR- deebo, pascal WHIR
  3. Full ppr Flex L Mccoy, S Michel or Ty johnson? TE Olsen, Hockenson, or drop one of them for Josh hill?
  4. Think i would play it safe and go sanders since he should have a role. I wouldnt start mclaurin Ne defense is to good and Colt McCoy is starting. And tate could have a good game since ross is out but i think i would just play it safe Thanks for the help
  5. I think I would trade you have enough depth at rb with coleman and singletary Thanks for the help
  6. Lost D Adams and T williams. Need to fill my wr2 slot options are Mecole hardman Will fuller Geronimo allison Curtis Samuel Auden tate I leaning mecole or fuller for heigher ceilings Who should i start WHIR
  7. Since losing devante admas i can't figure out who i should start as wr2. Bench: Tyrell Williams, Mecole hardman FA: Curtis Samuel Will fuller Jamison crowder Geronimo Allison Who would you start out of these guys? If it one on the FA who should i drop for them team is in signature? WHIR
  8. I would play allen although it's a tough matchup just hope he can find a way to run one in. If you dont feel confident playing him i would go with keenum since he plays the Giants who have a bad defense. Thanks for the help on mine good luck
  9. I would go with brissett this week and would drop Samuels for penny. Mind helping?
  10. I would go with josh gordon even with a bad matchup. We dont know if the splits will be the same this week with shady and darrel since shady seems healthier. Thanks for help on mine
  11. I would start Jones this week he has a better matchup. Since the Giants defense sucks it will force Jones to throw the ball more to stay in the game. Thanks for help on mine
  12. My team is in sigmature but who would you start? Flex: Chris Carson, Tyrell williams, Mecole Hardman. Im leaning towards mecole if penny plays if not then carson. K: ka'imi Fairbairn or Zane gonzalez Dst: seahwaks or colts this week? WHIR
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