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  1. Agreed he came alive in the 4th. I hope for more productive stats like these!!
  2. Lmaooo that’s exactly how Druss is feeling. DRUSSSSSSSS!!!!!
  3. No one has to say about this amazing gift from God?! Traded my first rounder to build around the man himself TRAE WAYYY. Flying to LA next week to watch him live!! Let’s gooo!!!!!!!!!
  4. Traded jokic for druss, covo, and gobert. And I’m fkn happy I don’t got deal with this! DRUSSS TRAINNNNN
  5. Lets gooo!! Just joined the druss train! Hope I won’t regret this!
  6. I know man, I just feel like porzingis might get hurt and Malcom value will drop, while graham value will elevate hopefully took a big risk. I appreciate ur help for real.
  7. I can possibly get ayton and Rubio and Hayward what do u think?
  8. He wants now jokic lamb and joe Harris for the 3 and it is a h2h 9cat. I feel like I have to punt assist now because I traded away Malcom and porzingis for beal and graham. My team now: eric paschall buddy hield dwight powell Wendall carter jr Jason tatum kevin huerter and obv the 3
  9. Lmao don’t act like u got anything else better to do. Now go answer my question.
  10. Kinda need help. Been 10 hours since I posted a ACH forum and no response. Please search up jokic trade 2019-2020 and help me out.
  11. So I’m wondering if I should trade jokic joe Harris and ky bowman for Rudy gobert, dangelo Russell, and Robert Covington?
  12. Well the topic was done with. But u just made it about me again. Thanks buddy! ❤️
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