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  1. Tough one, I'd go with TY Hilton, I see him having more opportunities today.
  2. #1 - Yes, I grabbed Ahmed last week (lucked out) and have some faith in him, zero for Breida. #2 - Ahmed #3 - Drop Breida & Samuel...
  3. I would do this in a heartbeat, getting Henry, absolute stud. You have the WR depth as well.
  4. Hey All, I lost D. Johnson, who was my RB2, looking to pick up a replacement. Hines, Edmonds, Taylor? My other RBs: Josh Jacobs, Singletary, Moss, Bell, Ahmed So, my RB group is pretty weak, lol. I have WRs like Kupp, Crowder, etc, that I could give up. Thanks, WHIR!
  5. No way, Cook is an absolute beast this season and getting insane volume.
  6. Fitz for the floor, Ahmed for the ceiling for me (which is probably crazy talk, I know, lol). I'm always looking for the unproven guys with potential.
  7. Hi all, 1/2 pt PPR league, both have their pros and cons. Leaning towards Reagor as Harry for the Pats may be back. thanks
  8. Kamara all day, if the other owner accepts the trade.
  9. I like the last response of trading for McLaurin. I'm really high on Fulgham, so dropping Reagor wouldn't be the end of the world. To be honest, not in love with those streamers. Sooo, all in all, I would hold onto Edmonds unless you could trade for someone like a McLaurin. If you want to drop someone else, would anyone in your league actually be interested in Mattison?
  10. Agreed Jonu's stock has dropped a ton. Hunt is an obvious improvement over Johnson, I have Johnson as my RB2 in a 12 team league and he is fine. So, if you don't mind giving up Crowder, go for it. i also have Crowder and have been trying to ship him off due to his lack of field time lately. You're getting the better player in this so that would be a win for me.
  11. Late to this but I would've pulled the trigger, really high on AJB.
  12. Dropping Josh Kelly, would you guys consider any of these an upgrade? I can always use extra RB depth. Zach Moss McKinnon Darnell Mooney Dexter Williams Thanks, WHIR!
  13. I have Big Ben or Stafford at QB this week, 1/2 pt ppr league. Bad matchups. Carr is available. I could drop Stafford, Josh Kelley, Singletary....Should I make a move or hold tight and run out Stafford/Big Ben this week? Thanks, WHIR
  14. I like Freeman but would be hesitant to take him with first.
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