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  1. Kittle was a late round guy and will finish with more points than Gronk
  2. What’re your thoughts on playing Oakland’s defense tonight? That’s if Beathard doesn’t play. Breida is banged up at the moment as well. I’m not familiar with Oakland’s defense though. I know it’s not good, but good enough to have a big game against this putrid offense?
  3. Bilichick is not covertly sabotaging Gronk out of spite ?‍♂️. Bilichick just saw the writing on the wall and tried to trade him at his highest value. But since Gronk refused a trade, it wouldn’t make sense to not continue to use him. There’s no conspiracy to hold Gronk back, Gronk’s low production is because his lessened performance due to so many injuries. I had Gronk last year and refused to touch him in any drafts this year. If you watched closely enough, you could see a drop off was going to happen this year. And who closer than Bilichick to Gronk? Once you heard he was being shopped, it should have made you look closer.
  4. I’m banking on that defense devouring Anderson. Only concern is if they get a monstrous lead and then allow the Bills to get some garbage time points.
  5. I need 9 points tonight from Pats defense in a huge fantasy game for me. I figure there’s about an 80% chance they achieve that. Scoring is Yahoo standard. What do you all think?
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