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  1. WOOODS.. niners defense overrated. theyve been destroyed in their secondary,
  2. id stay put. You already have good WR depth. RBs are harder to come by
  3. crowder is the only usable WR only if darnold is playing
  4. Full PPR CEH (vs a good run defense BUCCS) Wayne Gallman (He has been playing well as the starter) DJ Moore (Great player but He is a Hit or miss. cant trust if he will get the usage)
  5. Kelce is one of the most valuable PLayer in fantasy. He is such a premium is crazy. I have Kelce. You gonna have to give up alot to get him.
  6. theres stafford, tua, and alex smith if that makes it any better lol
  7. GIO s the starter. Look what swift did to the WFT last week
  8. take rodgers. U have andrews. Still a chance winston takes over. Who knows. Hil is a huge question mark.
  9. Damn.. tough choice. imo both wont give you that BOOM points, Harris will have the solid floor. I dont know wtf will happen in that bucs backfield. Id play Harris for a safe play
  10. Its between moore (new qb?) and lamb. I lean towards Lamb.
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