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  1. I agree. One of the best hitters in the game. A pure natural. Biggest pause, IMO with this guy if he gets hurt he can be a slow healer. Hitting behind Trout, probably wins the batting title this year, and Rendon and Trout go 1 & 2 in the MVP voting this season.
  2. 49ers defense was very good in those days too...I miss all those guys. I'm 100% with you, loved them all. A good way to figure who you think is best, IMO You get one QB for the Super Bowl whose your QB (present and past)? Right now this second not so sure I wouldn't take Mahomes (as my present QB). The guy is so difficult to defend. Of course, Mahomes has a ways to go before we see how good he turns out to be, far as a career. At the end of the day. hard for me not to take my boy Montana. Sure, I'm a bit bias, if you want to call it that.
  3. He wasn't too bad, but Kobe won a championship without him, too. I pretty much agree with Go Hawks on this subject. Pardon me for getting off-topic. Montana fan here. Brady's two idols growing up - Montana and Young. Being a Montana fan, I never really liked Young. Many would argue Young was just as good and so on. My argument always was if you learned from the best you would be pretty good, too.
  4. Looks like we'll get around 4 starts . First coming against Baltimore. Bad news is he has to build up his pitch count. Pondering that, may take two starts to get a decent pitch count. So, maybe 2 starts far as regular season goes?
  5. I think the Marlins will be pondering your same thoughts sooner rather than later.
  6. Luzardo is one of the best pitchers in the whole A's organization. If he is ready, he will be pitching for the A's, and will be in the starting rotation, especially if the A's are in the playoff hunt. IMO, the only thing holding Luzardo back is Luzardo and that's due to health.,
  7. Yeah just like there was no room for Manaea in the starting rotation,
  8. A stud he is. At one point, he fanned 8 in a row. Against the Braves and this was like the 3rd time they have seen him. I have a tough time deciding my favorite, deGrom or McNeil. So, I have a favorite hitter and pitcher! Nobody probably cares about that but probably me....Regardless, It was a nice night if you're a deGrom fan/owner, or both.
  9. Stros and Tigers, man please! Vegas is all over that series.
  10. Jesus Luzardo (shoulder) allowed just one run over 4 2\/3 innings Tuesday night with Triple-A Las Vegas. src: Martin Gallegos Looks like he threw 78 pitches. We're getting there.
  11. Come on Padres! Give my boy Quantrill some run support!
  12. Gallen has no-hit stuff. Gets those walks under control (puzzling) Watch out!
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