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  1. Will be interesting to watch. Summer League is like as useful for projections as high school ball, but he's drawing a lot of good attention. I got him with my last pick. I usually make data driven decisions (Morey wannabe), but with this pick, had to go with my hart.
  2. Reading this thread... I realized how much I've overlooked Teague over the years. He's never really put up dominant fantasy stats (guys like Kyle Lowry), but dude is consistent. Has played 70+ games almost every year. Man... Teague and Darren Collison are two PGs I've taken for granted over the years. If you're curious, see the screenshot for how I've ranked Teague's seasons since 2010. Check out how last season was his WORST season since 2010 and he still ranked 55 in my rankings. Excellent value pick. And like someone mentioned, if Jimmy Buckets gets traded...
  3. I got him with the 58th. Pretty happy with that. True... Conley's been really frustrating since 2015. His pre-season is showing that he's focusing more on scoring (as has been the trend in recent years). He's had injuries.. But 2016-17 was arguably his best season, which wasn't that long ago and he's had a lot of time off since being cautiously shut down in 2018. I think Conley's floor this season is somewhere around "top 60 player" (barring injury). But I think he has a very strong chance to crack top 35. Here's how I rate his seasons since 2010. For refere
  4. As a Morey "discovery" (I remember when Cov was an undrafted pre-season addition to the Rockets), I've been a huge fan of Robert Covington's since he's been in the league. Last year, he probably had a peak year. My friend and I are putting together a set of analytics tools for fantasy ball and Covington looked great last year. We ranked him 22: http://9cat.fun/?cats=ft_pct&cats=fg3m&cats=pts&cats=ast&cats=stl&cats=tov&cats=blk&cats=reb&cats=fg_pct In fact, we've got data going back years (but historical data is not on the site yet!) that
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