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  1. Boy that 2019 season is sure sticking out like a sore thumb when you look at his career stats. The career of Devante Parker and the frustrations he has given fantasy owners 5 of his 6 seasons is interesting. Just one of those situations where you took a guy to be a WR2 with potential to be a WR1 (which he was last year) and now you have a low end WR3. Just happens some years.
  2. This will be Gore's 5th season out of the last 6 where he will average less than 4 YPC. People love to use the overall rushing totals that have come strictly because he has played forever, but want to cherry pick and pretend that his effectiveness hasn't been horrible those seasons. I wonder if these same people would want say a Jarvis Landry in the HOF if he plays until he's 38 and averages 800 yards a season, that would also put him in the top 5 all-time for receiving yards.
  3. Love how Leveon and AB are on the street and Big Ben is 4-0 with a 10/1 TD to INT ratio coming off elbow surgery at 38. The Steelers are probably second only to the Pats in knowing just when to cut bait on these bums. Is anyone worried here about any of their RB's potentially being hurt by a signing? The Bears are somehow 4-1 but David Montgomery again looks like he's running in quicksand and they have no depth. I could see Nagy bringing him in for a pass catching role, he's probably still better than Montgomery in that regard and it limits the amount of touches for Montgomery, can't ima
  4. Deion Sanders feels the same way just, fyi, that the HOF is watered down. I understand why people think he is a HOF'er based on the raw numbers . I'm not saying the guy sucks, he had a great career but you and I just have different views on what a Hall of Famer should be. Maybe my standard is to high. Cheers.
  5. I just don't see it. I respect the longevity, but my definition of HOF just doesn't include a player who was really never considered Top 5 at any point in his career. It would be like putting Jarvis Landry in the HOF if he plays until he's 40 and is a record breaking WR. Gore has been barely above replacement level stat collecting on mostly bad teasm for the last few years.
  6. Positive regression? Sure But he had 3 TD's last year on 156 targets/rushes and he has 3 TD's this year on 39 targets/rushes. I think a lot of people drafted this guy for the massive amounts of targets, the PPR and yards floor, and he has been the exact opposite. He's trying to be 2018 Lockett. If Robert Woods scores close to double digit TD's this year, (he's on pace for 9.6) then his # of targets won't matter, but I don't know if he can do that getting the 99 targets he is currently projected for. McVay is really becoming tough to deal with for fantasy.
  7. I'm in mostly 2 flex's league, and with byes it's likely he is going to be in there most weeks. The nice thing is the game script is always going to be positive and Burrow is improving with each week. Just hope the volume finally hits for atleast some passable weeks.
  8. I thought everyone was ga-ga over Thielen because of the target share, now it might go down and we are supposed to be happy? I just don't know with Thielen, he isn't a spring chicken for a WR and he battled a lot of injuries. He just probably was never suited for this type of role that Minnesota expected of him this year. BTW, here is Thielen's quarter by quarter breakdown this year, I think if you can still bail out with a reasonable return you might want to. Week 1 2-31-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 4-79-2 Week 2 3-31-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 0-0-0 Week 3 1-4-0
  9. I took KC on the ML, I realize Baltimore is a great squad, but homefield is not as big an advantage as it usually is, and well anytime I can get this team +155 I just can't pass up. I like Lamar over 249 yards but also like the over on .5 INT's. He is going to be throwing it a lot tonight I think. Goodluck to everyone.
  10. I am heavily invested in Sanders and picked him up because I thought he could be the handcuff when he visited Philly (Boston Scott is not good). The problem is, this guy has looked so bad the last couple of years it's just hard to see him making any kind of impact. Its a realistic possibility he signs with the Giants or Panthers but can't beat out Davis or Gallman. But still, with how thin RB is, it's a decent little lottery scratcher where you might win $100 bucks. I wouldn't call him a powerball ticket though.
  11. I always kind of wondered why he was ranked so low coming into the year. TE's almost always suck as rookies but this guy was a 1st round pick with off the charts athleticism from a school that has produced a ton of really good TE's over the years. I thought some of the community was underselling a potential breakout from him and Hockenson.
  12. The inept offense is an even bigger one for me. They have been barely able to cross midfield outside of garbage time. I think the Diggs loss is bigger than we anticipated for this offense. Sometimes we hear that players are "better in real life than in fantasy" I think the opposite is true of a guy like Thielen, the guy is just not a difference making WR in real life. I just look at a pedestrian QB with limited weapons to throw the ball and I wonder how Dalvin Cook is going to find opportunities to consistently score. We Cook owners have ran well in the red zone and with 2 point conversio
  13. If Gio is the garbage time back this is very concerning, this offensive line isn't going to block Mixon to good games. He's going to have to have some 7 for 70 type games through the air this season.
  14. He has lost a step, there is no doubt about it, any hopes if hitting a massive steal in round 6 and him returning to pre-injury AJ are looking unlikely. But he still has WR2 upside, which is hard to find where he was drafted.
  15. This is the most frustrating boxscore I can remember in awhile. If someone had told You before the game that Burrow would throw it 61 times for 300+ yds and 3 scores and AJ would have had 13 targets what is a realistic stat line? The good news is this Bengals D is going to be really really bad again and there is weekly shootout or garbage time potential for Green and Boyd with a very talented QB throwing it.
  16. Can't start right now, but worth keeping on your benches. There was a rookie back last year playing behind a JAG who was a fantasy superstar down the stretch after the JAG got hurt. We see it every year where rookies are minimal producers for up to half the season, then are stars when given the chance.
  17. I don't know what to make of this one, definitely one of those games where the final number looks way better than the actual play did for most of the game. If Minnesota is in garbage time a lot this year then he is going to be a Top 5 WR, my worry is they play a ton of 20-17 type games and Zimmer's conservative approach hurts him.
  18. This feels like a Moss in Oakland situation.
  19. For every Chase Edmonds and Latavius Murray who fill in and play like superstars for a week or 2 there are six of these backup RB's, who people go crazy over and they fall flat. I get it that volume is King in FF but I think sometimes people overreact, some of the names people were starting him over seemed a bit excessive. Sanders handcuff is probably all we have here going forward in 12 teamers.
  20. I own the entire Rams backfield and I am still hopeful that sometime during the season that Akers is able to separate himself. Malcolm Brown looked great tonight and is worth starting next week, but at the end of the day he is still Malcolm Brown.
  21. I got him 4-2 and 4-6 in my two most competitive leagues (12 teamers) the last two nights. I was a little bit surprised because he had reported been back at practice before both the drafts happened. I think there are many people who simply will not draft a guy with any kind of injury questions in the top 4 rounds.
  22. I think the mid to late 1st is where he ends up being drafted, and I think he will be well worth it. This guy was pretty special when he finally started getting the majority of the touches. I think he has a better chance of having a "massive" year than Cook and Kamara do.
  23. I need 7.5 points from Sanders in .5 PPR I feel like it should be a near lock but I am a bit worried for some reason. Someone talk me off the ledge.
  24. Anyone else cool with suddenly having their handcuff to Carson be a viable flex option? I'm happily starting both in a 2 flex league.
  25. IMO you are overthinking a bit. I don't know how you sit a guy who has had 26 targets in his last 7 quarters of football, who is the clear cut #1 option of maybe the best QB in the league.
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