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  1. Dude definitely a win for you. At this point in his career, I think Oladipo is a negative impact fantasy player already. You'd be better streaming his spot anyway or maybe grab a hot FA from the pool. So essentially you're trading CJ and Wall for Capela and Donovan. Take it and run!
  2. I'd drop Bazley too, horrific efficiency at times.
  3. Hmmm I really don't think Williams' minutes will be consistent enough this season. TBH I'd rather stick with Poeltl atm. At least you know Pop's gonna give Poeltl the minutes already this season.
  4. As a Collins and Hayward owner, was preparing the for the worst yesterday. Lol feel like i finally caught a break today.
  5. Ummmm he got a double double on 71% shooting? 🤔
  6. Hmmmm in my situation, I definitely value Turner's def stats over Ayton's reb and FG%. Even with some regression to his blocks, and with how the rosters panned out in my league, the guy basically wins me blocks every week in my league. My roster can compensate with whatever stats i lose by trading away Ayton. Also, idk, after watching PHX alot this year, I just don't see it with Ayton this year. Even with his improved play, I just think he's not that involved with the offense. The guards struggle feeding him in the post, and when he does get it, he seems so unconfident that he just messes up
  7. One of the most frustrating guys to watch in the NBA. At this point i'm not sure at this point if his issues are related to how the suns play or if it's a confidence thing with him.
  8. Hope he comes back soon. It hurts more that i'm going up against the guy that owns whiteside. SMH
  9. Was lucky enough, that someone offered me Turner and Nurk for Ayton, Trent and Aldridge. 😅
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