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  1. Oh my, the thievery ! Besides the awful shooting, not a bad line with 0 Turnovers.
  2. Yup, as a matter of fact just add him every year
  3. He’s been on tear. Don’t see that stopping anytime soon, with the Hornets missing key contributors.
  4. Nice , but cast is still on . I think he’s still a few weeks away. Once it’s off, maybe another week or so of ramping up conditioning, & practice/scrimmages. Should be cleared by then
  5. + 2 What a nice line yesterday too. I’m holding rn with a light grip, see how things shake out.
  6. It’s a good thing basketball is a 5 man sport. Boards and defensive stats is what we’re looking from him, not points. + 3’s from the Center position is always welcome WCJ is the only one he needs to contend with. 48 Mins up for grabs If Carter Jr. gets 25-30 Bamba can do damage in 18-23 mins And that isn’t to say some nights when Bamba gets hot , could easily get 25-30+. Or if Wendell is struggling / foul trouble. Still early tho, need to see consistency from Mo . I took a flier on him , if it doesn’t work out , back to the waivers he goes.
  7. I think he’s about to go on a tear.
  8. Yup , rostering Noel on a fairly good balanced team should give you Blks + Steals locked down every week. You take a hit to 3PTM , but it’s 2 Cats vs 1 that you dominant His playoff schedule is ugly tho (week 17+) So after the first 2 games , Ima drop and stream onward.
  9. Master Poku This dude does not look like a 7fter out there, at all. And I mean that in a good way. I love these rookie waivers that hit, not to mention the Thunder play a packed schedule the next 5 weeks.
  10. His lines are super nice when he gets close to 30 min + - . it’s just sad that he needs all those minutes to put up 10-10 basically. But then he gets massive stocks those nights. So it is what it is I guess I know he’s super limited offensively, but rebounding could be better. Is it Randle maybe gobbling up the boards , not sure don’t really watch the Knicks. Julius is like twice his size out there. Joking but you get my point. Honestly just venting here after a poor performance. Watch him next game get a double double with multiple blocks. And so it goes this l
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