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  1. Jamal was shook Worst thing to do was pass there. Could've easily drove it to the cup Or just pull up 3 that betch , he was knocking em down the whole game.
  2. @summersoff7 Tell me how you really feel He’s been a bit rusty since his return, give it some time. Stocks and 3’s will normalize The last 2 games he played, not that bad honestly.
  3. Gotta go Ayton . It’s just one of those situations Plus youll feel alot worse if DA goes off, as opposed to Jakob If it was end of the week and you’re losing in stocks. I might sing a different tune But that’s just me. Hopefully both go off today & you’re good regardless. That would be sweet, as I have them in different leagues as well. Let’s see what the Austrian sensation does very shortly. Tip-off in 30 !
  4. Me three - let’s go ! I’m sitting here like patience on a monument waiting for the Spurs game to start. This should give us a decent indication on how it plays out between Poeltl & LMA. But it’s still a situation we should monitor. Reason being the team isn’t fully healthy yet. With Gay, Keldon, DeRozan + D. White still out. That’s like 70-80% usage right there. Not that he requires alot of touches to provide value. However it’s something to keep an eye on
  5. Yup 6'5 at 185 lbs . He's very thin - Similar build to Dejounte Murray actually For comparison Curry is 6'3 at 190 lbs A strength & conditioning regimen this off-season will do him wonders. It's not about adding pounds per say. But making his body + core stronger to finish at the rim
  6. Never said they would. My original comment was those 3 players don't mesh well. And one of them should be shipped out Either Fox or Hield . It's Fox's 4th year in the league, your'e either a good FT shooter or you're not. Will it get better ? Yeah I'm sure Will he all of sudden be a 80% + at the line ? Doubtful I like his game actually, he's quite talented, and I had him on the squad last year. Take a wild guess why I avoided him everywhere this season ? Not trying to punt Free Throws
  7. Fox needs to fix his FT shooting. Until then he's not a complete player Can't consider yourself an elite guard if you shoot terrible at the foul line. Not in the modern NBA Doesn't matter as much in the regular season, but if Kings ever make playoffs. He'll get exposed
  8. Problem is Fox & Hield sometimes They forget about the youngster, or choose not pass to him. Whichever it is Haliburton at times doesn’t touch the rock at all. He defers himself just as much, but he’s so young. So it’s understandable How he plays the game is beyond his years, so poised and confident like an NBA vet. Can’t complain honestly, kid is ranked #38th on the season. And it ain’t no fluke either he averages inside top50 weekly Haliburton reminds me of a rookie CP3 I can only imagine what he does in year 2, with that sophomore leap. Top25 n
  9. I’d snap if i lost Vooch. He’s having such an incredible year. Please finish it healthy
  10. It happens, what’s all the doom and gloom. Game ain’t over. Line ain't too shabby with 2 steals so far Shooting is piss poor tonight but whatever. I jinxed it if it makes you feel any better. Coulda been alot worse. The bad shooting and no counting stats. Edit: Sitting at 44% FG now. Might end up okay
  11. Ok my boy ! Get it young prince. Man I love this kid I’m reaching next year to land him. Mandatory On his way to a 9-cat gem of a line ❤️
  12. Well Curry, Klay, and Green have a won a chip before. Just them, and lost one as well if I’m not mistaken I know they had Iggy, and Bogut. Barnes too I believe But let’s not forget Oubre, Wiggins, Wiseman ... you add that to Curry, Klay, Draymond. Best believe it’s a title contending team Quite nasty actually. Why would Golden State mortgage all that. Their main issue is the luxury tax, in which they’re knee deep in already. But I’ll stop now, this trade talk de-railed this whole thread.
  13. Exactly he should be your 3rd or 4th PG, in which case your absolutely crushing that department. Have him paired with Trae Young + Dejounte Murray . Garland & Haliburton my 3 & 4 point guards. *CSB Honestly i’m surprised by the FG% bump this season, since I had him last year as well. So I’m very high on the kid, I figured his scoring and dimes would go up, but his efficiency I didn’t expect. It’s a welcome sight nonetheless, and he’s turned into quite the thief as well. Consistent steals from your point guard is huge.
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