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  1. I'm giving him a shot this week against the Bucs. As others said before, all it takes is one play. And he's just getting his legs back under him, so he could be even more in the game plan this week. Remember he had 5 targets and was looking good week 1 against Carolina and they also gave him a couple carries. Upside is there even in this tough matchup.
  2. I'm going to start his handcuff MVS again this week, pray for another 75yd+ TD. Then welcome back Adams with open arms next week and watch him destroy my opponents.
  3. Like this guy a lot, but now I'm confused on what to do with him, now that Sanu is in the picture.
  4. He's back at practice y'all. Let's hope he steals some Tds away from Waller this week.
  5. What can't this guy do? Another great game.
  6. Well Gallup played well. Cooper looks banged up, so that brings even more upside. [...]
  7. This guy is drop city for me any 12 team or less leagues IMO.
  8. Done with OJH and the Tampa Bay offense all together. The pass volume just isn't there at least right now. Only 25 attempts last night. I would even try to sell Godwin right now while his value is through the roof.
  9. Don't want any stock in MG. Even if he does come back it's going to be an awful timeshare with AE. I would look for someone with upside for him like the Bills Singletary.
  10. Gotta go with Allen. Giants defense isn't great and I think Allen's running ability gives him the advantage. I'm starting him over Goff this week.
  11. I have both guys on my roster, lucky me smh. If I had to choose one, I would say Miles Sanders since he's on a good offense and I think that will lead to more opportunities for him.
  12. I have him and Hunter Henry this year and I'm regretting it big time. I'm just hoping when/if he gets back, he has 1 monster game so I can trade him and get someone without an injury history.
  13. Pretty excited to see Coutee this week! He looked great in the playoffs last year. 14 Tar; 10 Catches; 110 Yards; 1 TD, and he should be in the slot this week.
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