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  1. Looking for 1 more league 9 Cat or roto hopefully that drafts tomorrow on Tues anytime or today but will be unavailable from 9PM-11PM EST robhoke2@gmail.com
  2. I want one more league but am filling in for a friend in a short draft tonight at 9 EST. Just let me know if there is a way to do it a different time today or even anytime tmrw. robhoke2@gmail.com
  3. Interested but if it has standard Yahoo setings of next day pick up as opposed to ability to pick up same day and play, I will pass robhoke2@gmail
  4. i may get 2 in the AM but it looks like there are only a handful of us when i joined the CBS pick em
  5. I would do one as well if you end up finding a league
  6. I would 100% be in and can probably get 2 others for a total of 3. robhoke2@gmail.com if you need to email me but I will check back here
  7. So draft is on ESPN, right? You can export the teams to Sleeper post-draft? I will need to set up a sleeper acct
  8. I assume this league drafted but if not, or similar league needs someone let me know robhoke2@gmail.com
  9. Ok I am going to see if any of the guys I know are up for 1 more to see if we can get it going
  10. Let me know and how many entries do you have total? How will we see everyone's picks? robhoke2@gmail.com
  11. Is it too late if I just take an L for Thursday Night game? I would have 2 or 3 people
  12. Is this still happening? Let me know whats up & if you need me
  13. I am in for either. Snake seems easier on line but whatever. Let me know if you need me. email robhoke2@gmail.com
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