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  1. Looking for 1 more league 9 Cat or roto hopefully that drafts tomorrow on Tues anytime or today but will be unavailable from 9PM-11PM EST robhoke2@gmail.com
  2. I want one more league but am filling in for a friend in a short draft tonight at 9 EST. Just let me know if there is a way to do it a different time today or even anytime tmrw. robhoke2@gmail.com
  3. Interested but if it has standard Yahoo setings of next day pick up as opposed to ability to pick up same day and play, I will pass robhoke2@gmail
  4. i may get 2 in the AM but it looks like there are only a handful of us when i joined the CBS pick em
  5. I would do one as well if you end up finding a league
  6. I would 100% be in and can probably get 2 others for a total of 3. robhoke2@gmail.com if you need to email me but I will check back here
  7. So draft is on ESPN, right? You can export the teams to Sleeper post-draft? I will need to set up a sleeper acct
  8. I assume this league drafted but if not, or similar league needs someone let me know robhoke2@gmail.com
  9. Ok I am going to see if any of the guys I know are up for 1 more to see if we can get it going
  10. Let me know and how many entries do you have total? How will we see everyone's picks? robhoke2@gmail.com
  11. Is it too late if I just take an L for Thursday Night game? I would have 2 or 3 people
  12. Is this still happening? Let me know whats up & if you need me
  13. I am in for either. Snake seems easier on line but whatever. Let me know if you need me. email robhoke2@gmail.com
  14. Oh right- How much? I have to run out for 30-45 min but will join if you need me as soon as I get back. Just let me know
  15. I am looking for the same thing. If you get something, please email me robhoke2@gmail.com, Let you know if I find anything as well
  16. I am 100% in but can't draft until about 5:30 EST or later. I would pay right away
  17. Prefer 12 teams or more but may settle for 10. Can draft at 6PM EST or later. Only secure payment method. Yahoo ESPN preferred. You can even email me league robhoke2@gmail.com
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