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  1. I've got Derrick White who will - hopefully soon - come back from reinjuring his toe after playing his first game this season. White is still on my IL, but eventually I want to move him into my starting lineup. Who would you drop from this list: Brooks, Bazley, Bledsoe, Plumlee, WCJ, TimeLord. Stats wise, I am leaning towards dropping WCJ, however I drafted him in hopes of breaking out this year given the opportunity he has, but this has not materialized so far, but still, he may break out later in the season.
  2. Is it a dynasty league? If not, then I believe you lost it quite a bit, Trae definitely >> Butler with potential load management etc. And Lamelo will hurt you big in %s
  3. Thanks, I believe that with blocks I am actually pretty solid and this is also what projections were showing. Which player would you add from the waiver between these 3 that I listed + Josh Jackson.
  4. I also believe you got pretty good value for $9 for Lonzo. Ayton also a solid pick here, on the other side pretty high cost for Murray in my opinion. As you mentioned, you will be pretty low on 3s if Lauri/Bertans don't pan out as hoping for, maybe consider punting this category and try to package Murray + Sexton once they string together couple of good games for someone who gives you some stocks. Rate my team:
  5. Hi Experts, just had an auction draft in 15 teams roto 9-cat league. Here is my roster: PG:Lowry G:Bledsoe SG: SGA SF:PG13 F:OG Anunoby PF:John Collins C : Christian Wood C : WCJ UTIL: Bazley UTIL: D. White BN: Brooks, Noel, Zubac Pretty happy with the draft, especially with PG13 for $42, SGA for $32, Wood for $25, and Bledsoe for $8. Not sure what to think about Collins for $41, am a bit nervous he will have a down year with Hawks deep roster. Any thoughts on the roster itself? As White is IL-e
  6. Get Embiid, especially that it is roto + pretty shallow league (9 teams as I understand from your signature), so there should be some pretty decent pickup on the waivers.
  7. Jrue + Bryant makes sense imo, I would try to wait until Embiid strings together 4-5 great matches with no rest days and try to get Jrue + someone better than Bryant for Embiid. Philly has lot of B2B in March, come the playoffs time and I expect NOP to get better and fight for a playoff spot.
  8. Thanks, appreciate your feedback. I will not reveal the palyers' names yet not to bias others who may throw their 2 cents on that, but I can tell you that A1 is a borderline all-star and A2 by any manner is not and in C1 vs C2 (this is actually few players for few players) there is one all-star on both sides. And here is the thing - trades A1 for A2 and B1 for B2 were not vetoed and C1 vs C2. C1 vs C2 was my trade, where I needed PTS, 3PM and FT% and the other manager needed stocks and rebounds + he was getting 2 C eligible players to replace his crappy and only 2 Cs (D
  9. Can you elaborate a bit on how you view C2 way much better than C1? The stats are worse for C2 in FG%, FT%, REB, STL, BLK and TOs and better only in 3PM, PTS and AST, so I am interested in the rationale behind that. This is a seasoned league, the same managers for around last 6-7 years.
  10. Hey there, I'm in 9-cat roto league and a bit frustrated with vetoing some trades and allowing other trades to proceed, so want to get your feedback/opinion on whether it is only me or you guys also feel this is a bit odd ... Below are three recent trades (A1 vs A2, B1 vs B2, C1 vs C2, I want to keep it anonimuous so that noone is biased by names) in my league - some of them went through, some were blocked. I wonder which set of statistics would you choose (A1 or A2, B1 or B2, C1 or C2) and whether you think any of these (and which one, if any) trades should be vetoed?
  11. Rockets aren’t known for their great defence nevertheless, I am very happy with the trade, think it’s a win win situation for both.
  12. Wizards were not THAT bad last 2 years, that’s the point
  13. Hope you’re right. I’m a bit concerned that Beal will get rested as well as Wizards are bad, but we will see.
  14. I know, but Draymond and Holmes can start smashing now ... still, I think it’s an upgrade for my team and at the same time an upgrade for his as he will not need to roster Len or Dedmon anymore
  15. So I have a trade offer on the table: His Beal for my Draymond, Holmes and PJ. Would you accept? Am I not giving up too much?
  16. RJ is killing your %, doesn’t block, turns the ball over a lot and is not great at any stat. Holmes is a double double machine with good % and stocks. I agree there is some risk with Walton or bagley coming back from his injury, but the upside is very high and I would rather have Holmes than RJ as with holmes you may enjoy 3rd round value ROS and with RJ you get max 8th if he ups his % and takes better care of the ball, which i seriously doubt.
  17. Stick with Holmes. There is a high possibility he will continue to smash, even with Walton as a head coach and after Bagley’s return. The upside is too much, we are potentially talking about 3rd round value for Holmes. Any thoughts on my question?
  18. 15-team roto league, 9-cat. My team: Jrue Nunn PJ Washington Holmes (C) Larry Nance (C) KAT (C) Draymond (C) Zeller (C) FVV House Jr Thybule Noel (C) Oladipo (IL) As you can see, I have 5 players that are C eligible and other manager is looking for Centers as he has Dedmon, Len, and Baynes only that are C eligible. He has Beal on his roster and am looking for a trade package that would make him pull the trigger and accept. What would you suggest so that it is tempting for him to accept and at the same ti
  19. Just did a draft to my league: Yahoo 15 team, 9cat, roto: PG: CP3 $28 SG: Jrue $40 G: FVV $6 SF: Thybule $1 PF: Draymond $26 F: Nance $15 😄 KAT $67 C; Z. Collins $4 UTIL: Poetl $2 UTIL: Portis $2 BN: Oladipo $7 BN: Noel $1 BN: Bacon $1 Thoughts? Very thin at SF (didn't care at the beginning and later got outbid every single time), low on 3s and PTS, high on BLKs, TOs, STLs. Will see how it goes, hope that Thybulle is actually a 6th man in Philly, CP3 stays healthy, K-Love does not stay healthy + Collins h
  20. Shall I trade my Bledsoe and Khris for Dame? Roto, 15 teams, season long, 9-cat. Would you go for that? The other option is J-Rich + Middleton for Dame. Which one would you prefer to pull the trigger on, if any?
  21. 15-team league, roto, season long, 9-cat, am sitting in 2nd place with following roster: pg: CP3 g: Bledsoe sg: J-rich sf: Jingles f: Middleton pf: T. Harris 😄 MitchRob 😄 Nurk util: Whiteside util:PatBev bn: Bogdan bn: Kleber bn: wagner Thoughts?
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