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  1. Actually , 0! equals 1 Stupid math jokes aside , it's been a long wait . Congrats to everyone who managed to hold !
  2. He still might get the suspension reduced, right ? 😅 Fingers crossed, guys !
  3. Could be worse.. Ayton Vooch and Steph keepers for over half of my auction budget for the year 🤕
  4. Other than the turnovers what exactly is not 'nice' ? That's an awesome stat line, especially for a player that no one drafted for pts. 20 points for him is like 70 for Harden. But sure, you can drop for a doncic/harden if you don't like this line
  5. too bad his wife isn't having a baby, he'd get it instantly then ... 😒
  6. If he keeps this level of production for another 5-7 games he will make for a veeery nice sell-high option
  7. yeah, really considering a drop in a 10 team league .. he'll probably be better than this but given his somewhat limited ceiling it doesn't seem worth it to put up with this long slump with promising prospects on the wire
  8. That update is 4 days old, so unfortunately we still don't know anything .. At least his diuretics now look good compared to Collins' situation, maybe he gets some love from the league .. or yahoo shows mercy to people that have curry/ayton/collins ..
  9. Unless that trade also included Curry that a clear veto 😳 Dlo will put up great counting stats from now on, but I'm expecting a huge FG impact. Can you imagine last year's box-in-one performed by toronto, just with Dlo instead of Curry ? 🤣 Also, zero steals/blocks through 4 games is horrible .. this gsw team is SOFT
  10. I was so excited about my Curry/Ayton pairing with the first two picks .. Guess it'll be a long month of reading Edgar Allan Poe in the dark
  11. Yep, you can find 2.8 3pm / 4.8 reb / 7.3 ast / 1.8st on the wire in basically any 2 team league 😅 I'd drop him for Towns, if he is still available. Joking aside, his free throws look a lot better and he kept his turnovers down. Other than the first game when he was benched in the end it's been a very encouraging start - if he can stay healthy it will be a great year. Jrue and Zion won't affect him much - his value doesn't come from a high usage rate anyway.
  12. Wow, that's a good freaking offer considering it's just been one game . Take iiiiiiit
  13. Yes but definitely will be an exciting year for him on such a bad team. Let's see how the FT looks and if the 3 pointers can stabilize at 2 per game or above
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