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  1. 12t 9cat h2h Side A. John Collins, Siakam, Kemba Side B. Vouch, Donoven Mitchlle, Norman Powell/Zeller Which side?
  2. 2 games in a row with career assists high.. Worth a stream in 12t? 30 min tonight
  3. What is his ROS? This games are hard to take..
  4. I have jrue and im patient, he will beast
  5. If the add is green i would probably take it..
  6. Also im not playing 16t so not sure who is the add here. Noramlly i would say get stay put, but depends what streamer you add
  7. I can survive this, just dont know for sure if its worth it.. Thanks!
  8. Thats a good sell high of jabari, agree that you got the best player. Seems to me like a good trade.
  9. 9cat h2h 12t Jrich and wcj for collins? Thanks, whir!
  10. 12t h2h 9cat give: porzingis and vooch get: embiid and JJJ My team: FVV, Jrue, Fox, D.Murray, Jrich, roco, anunoby, miles bridges, WCJ, porzingis, favors, KAT, vooch pretty confident about getting to playoffs so thinking also about what would be best for late of the season.. Thanks!
  11. Get tatum Give miles bridges and anunoby Take it? 12t 9cat h2h
  12. Thought about grant too. Have to drop 1 as haveing player to release from IR. Also considering drop another for murray..
  13. Mikal bridges, grant (denver), FVV, anunoby, carter Jr? Need to drop one. Also can drop 2 and get murray (spurs) or sato, should I? 12t h2h 9cat
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