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  1. Who the heck goes by totals? You're telling me Curry is not top 3 right now?
  2. The dude needs to start realizing he's the best scorer on the Nuggets and be more aggressive every night.
  3. Traded Lavine, Deandre Jordan, and Rudy Gay for Giannis and Terrence Ross
  4. Solid game tonight. 19 points in 18 minutes. Added 4 assists on solid percentages and 0 TOs.
  5. I budgeted like $18 for Luka Doncic which I believe was already a high enough premium for him in my auction. I end up getting into a bid war and losing with the other guy getting Doncic for $27. My god.
  6. I'm gonna pick him up. I think he's a solid end of roster guy, especially if you need a big.
  7. I would trade Lillard for PG. You don't have any rebounders either. You might need to make multiple moves to make up for that.
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