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  1. That is the take away from this game. He is a better catching back and runner. Looks like J Kelley was a bust.
  2. Deebo going forward?.. Is this guy a buy low?
  3. This guy is a bonafide #1 pick up and breakout. Lets face it, the Eagles Receivers were nothing special and now we see what the team was missing. Wentz showed real connection with him and I do not see that changing when any of the receivers get back. I am spending and hoping to get him. How often can you get a #1 reciever on waivers? BUY BUY BUY
  4. He looked pedestrian in the opener, no burst. That was the worry. We have seen plenty of busts than never pan out Glad he changed some opinions on him today.
  5. They were never that good. I think we are seeing a breakout.
  6. Get Goedert....He will be back soon. Ertz looks like he just got old.
  7. Akers ran for 6.8 YPC....Looked much better than the first outing.
  8. Fulgham- He just got targetted 10 times and no one else is stepping up. MIght as well gamble
  9. Shenault is BY FAR the leading receiver today...Picked this guy up on waivers and could not be happier.
  10. Jets DEF is making the ARZ O-line look pro-ball caliber. This is sick to watch. Murray stealing rushing TD's
  11. Akers is listed as playing today. NADA. Drop city? Higbee doing very little today as well.
  12. Have held this guy and it finally looks like he will get some playing time. Expectations are really low for me at this point. Lottery ticket for sure but it looks like next year might be better for him.
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