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  1. I picked up Mack a few weeks ago when someone dropped him to the WW. I picked him up specifically for his week 16 and 17 matchup. Tonight's game should be a good litmus test to see how well Mack is running.
  2. I don't know if I can trust Tate (ELI) in MIA this week...
  3. Yes that was annoying. They had success just pounding the rock - I don't know why they went away from it inside the 10.
  4. I was really hoping for a surprise showing in the playoffs
  5. Carson+SF DST to score 10+ points SF DST to score 5+ points
  6. Any recent news? Picked up Thompson for possible week 11 bye fill in, but with his injury and Guice returning, I may have to look for a better RB option.
  7. Missed out on Ty Johnson WW but picked up McKissic basically for free. Paying close attention now.
  8. Picked him up as Adams' "handcuff". At least I can play one or the either this week.
  9. 40 points from Kerryon - .5ppr. I've already accepted this week as a loss...
  10. I didn't feel great about starting him vs SEA, but did so anyways because I figured he could at least score 15 points, and I wasn't confident any of the QBs on the WW could do that. I kind of feel the same way this week against SF. A great front 7 that will consistently be in Goff's face. He should at least score 15? Or I go Minshew or Cousins. I'm even starting SF's DST with confidence in another league. lol.
  11. I really don't want to start MVS again..
  12. I'm considering dropping Elliot for him. The Eagles go for 4th down a lot...
  13. I'd rather pick up Dissly than run Davis out there again (assuming Reed is out again)
  14. Same here. I really hope Goff turns it around through. His stat line was pretty miserable without that long pass to Kupp / run in for TD.
  15. Henry owner here. I rostered Davis thinking Reed would be out. Ugh, I think I need to pick up Reed too.
  16. I'm starting over Fuller, Samuel, and Godwin. The Chiefs aren't one to run out the clock with a big lead. Andy Reid - don't disappointment me!
  17. lol, time to throw some low-ball trade offers to the Brown owner.
  18. The irony of trading for Duane Brown 🤣
  19. I agree Hop/Adams don't make it to early 2nd. With picks 6 to 9 in my 10 team league, my mocks starting with Hopkins/Adams + Mixon look pretty decent.
  20. What's ironic is all the RBs listed have injury concerns.😂
  21. Howard is still going in the 5th in most mocks. As much as I like him, for me the 5th comes down to Howard or Jacobs. I think I'd rather pick up Jacobs and then McDonald in the 10th.
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