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  1. Covid players get INJ but suspended don't? Lol
  2. League winner if he can maintain 30 MPG and 75% FTs the ROS. 🤣🤣
  3. Fuk!!!!!!!! I was just about to drop his sorry a** and now this rumor comes out...... Keep or drop... sigh
  4. So drop?? There's still Drummond, Love, Horford, Cousins that all have better chances at a new team than Whiteside does........
  5. Now Wright is hurt too, I def need McConnell now plus another player!!! Reddish, Crowder, R. Williams anyone???
  6. For those watching, has Jaden played other positions or just PF? Im wondering what versatility I can get if I make the move.
  7. Sucks that DET has nothing to play for and would rather tank for picks
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