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  1. Says he's coming back a week after AD's return, is it really that close??
  2. Would you be surprised if that were the case? Another monster night tonight and I can drop him in peace.
  3. I can't believe they activated this fool, he's now off IR which means I can't make any more roster moves. It's already mid-week and the Raptors have a 5-game stretch looming next week. Everyone keeps talking about "Raps still in the hunt for the play-in game". But know one is admitting that the Raps already gave up this season.
  4. 2 games left for Moses Brown, one more bad game from him and you've lost the gamble. Two good games and maybe you break even. Playing against IND without Turner/Sabonis helps but he'll probably get wrecked my WAS again the next game. I already have Gafford, Tristan Thompson so decided to drop Moses for Rubio's two games. If Moses does well I can add him again over the weekend.
  5. I'm looking for commentary on the player since I can't watch all 10 games at once and I was too focused on the Curry vs Curry matchup tonight. Not really looking for specific advice on who to drop for him. Just looking for context into the player to see if people liked his game today. The stats certainly looked good.
  6. Say something useful Brother sprained an ankle and you didn't even bother to mention that? There I said something useful.
  7. He's free in my current league, and taken in 3 of my other leagues. All 12-14 teamers. Guess what. The 3 teams hes on in the 3 other leagues have all been eliminated. Most leagues use the "Lock Eliminated Teams" Rule to ensure fairness. In reality Rubio should have been 25-30% Owned. But here I am contemplating adding him for the two games. I'm giving up Moses Brown .
  8. Anyone still holding on and playing him in their playoffs?? 59% owned, available in my league. I'm desperate for assists and two straight games against SAC might help!
  9. One of my other teams on Sunday night. I had already dropped someone for Bane too:
  10. Should I add Poku in hopes of a career night vs WAS tonight (with Dort out)? I would drop Brooks, Barton, Young, or Horton-Tucker. I am looking for FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, AST, STL. I'm facing Gobert this week so I don't think I will win Blocks, but maybe Poku can change things since he had 6 blocks vs the Raptors last time. Thoughts????? Very tempted to drop T. Young since he came off the bench last game and Bulls are **** without Lavine.........
  11. Haven't dropped him yet, but just doing the math tells you how f****** you are if KAT doesnt have 2 solid games this week. Receive update on Tues, but Weds is already a full slate of games, so it means you only have Thurs-Sun 4 days to get 2 replacement games in. But if you had gambled and dropped on Mon, you would potentially have Tues-Sun 6 days to get 3 replacement games in. One extra GP could prove to be a difference between winning and losing a category. Just showing you the other side of the equation you're discounting. And this is assuming your league commish even lets you drop KA
  12. I can't even drop him if I wanted to because of the Yahoo Can't Cut List, what kind of BS is that??? Naz Reid was just picked up in 2 of my leagues, so while I'm doing the right thing by sitting and waiting patiently to calculate the optimal move, others have already gone and scooped up my insurance policy for the week. KAT owners are likely screwed if KAT ends up playing two poor games or if he's perma-stuck on GTD.
  13. It's the end of H2H format I hope. Every year we go thru the same BS in April and May but this year is especially worse. IL++ so nice but what a midseason tease and useless addition since we cannot use it until the start of a new season..... that's like giving everyone an amazing sneak preview and having all the hype dissipate because COVID may no longer be as serious a thing in 8 months. Also the lack of league customization sucks....... we were supposed to be able to adjust the length of our seasons to 12-13 weeks if we wanted and then set the Playoff Start dates to as early as Week 14
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