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  1. From my perspective, you play Fantasy : - to win or at least get the better results - but also to have fun and being happy to have picked a good roster, good players, in the draft and also in the FA market. And nothing makes you as happy as getting a Moses Brown type player for free ! I play in a 16 team league where offensive AND defensive rebounds and Doubles doubles count, I can tell you that I'm very happy to have grabbed Brown. So, I think you very much know that when there are so many posts on this players, it's because Fantasy GMs are very happy to have grabbed Brown ! A
  2. You certainly seem very committed to bash Brown and calm down the overall enthusiasm on a young player giving happiness to fantasy owners, I'm not so sure how much fun you bring to the table. Being there and offering objective criticism at the beginning is okay but keep coming back on this specific thread just to offer criticism is a little weird, and certainly not "fun".
  3. I don't drop either. It's the thing with shooters, you have to stick with them all year because they can turn hot one of a sudden and give you 8/11 3pts
  4. I watched the whole game and Holmes had 5 fouls in the middle of the third quarter, that is the reason for his minutes because defensively he was clearly destroying Whiteside and seemed really ahead of him. Hell, Bagley seems ahead go of him in the C position, allowing the kings to play Bjelica at the 4. I know it's only one game but Holmes seems really ahead (I have Holmes on my team so I may be a little influenced)
  5. I didn't watch the game but followed it among others and it was strangely close until the end, I assume that's the reason they played the starters a lot. I hope it's just a one time thing (when you look at his game log, this has happened only 4 times for the whole season (15 mins). I picked him up following the Lamb injury 😬
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