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  1. I’ll take this to mean I should stick with my gut and play Jamaal. Thank you lol
  2. Flex Robert Woods or Jamaal Williams? Leaning Williams. WHIR.
  3. Yeah you definitely go Samuels. I think I would go Goff but Tannehill is the other option if you really feel iffy about Goff in Pittsburgh. I would go Badgely as well. I think Crosby is a better play than Boswell and Badgely is very good and seems to have an offense that is good but not good enough to where they end up seeming to kick a lot of field goals.
  4. I would pass as well. I like your players more and don’t think there’s any reason you really have to do it. Don’t be too scared of those matchups, particularly with Cook.
  5. I don’t think punting is the worst option and I agree handcuffs are valuable particularly Pollard. Henderson I could see being useful come playoff time. I would personally consider dropping Fuller. Anderson is a tough drop for me but it’s certainly not the worst move. I think you’ll be okay either way.
  6. .5 ppr, ten man league with 19 roster spots. 8 bench, 1 qb, 2 rbs, 3 wrs, 1 te, 1 rb/wr, 1 flex, 1 kicker 1 dst. 5-4 record. Team: Aaron Rodgers Jacoby Brissett Mark Ingram II Derrick Henry Aaron Jones Jamaal Williams Devin Singletary Frank Gore TY Hilton Courtland Sutton Tyrell Williams Christian Kirk Sammy Watkins Danny Amendola Robert Woods Mark Andrews Darren Fells 49ers D Got offered Diggs for Singletary. Torn arm. Advice? WHIR.
  7. I got offered Courtland Sutton for a reference point. I haven’t accepted but I do think you could get decent value for him if you don’t think he will continue being an asset. I’m pretty torn myself about what is going to happen here. Could be he gets stuffed in NO, DJ comes back and we are lucky he scores 10. Or he could become a featured part of their offense and be a top 20 back. What sketches me out is that all three of his good games came against the worst defenses in the league. The game before he started popping was against Seattle and he did nothing like 6 carries for 39 years and a cat
  8. I think I would. I would say you’re a bit thin at RB and it’s worth it I think to upgrade that position and lock it down for the stretch run.
  9. .5 ppr, ten teamed with 19 roster spots-8 bench, 1 qb, two rbs, 3 wrs, 1 te, 1 wr/rb, 1 flex, 1 kicker and 1 defense. I am 4-3. Team: Aaron Rodgers Jacoby Brissett Mark Ingram II Aaron Jones Jamaal Williams Derrick Henry Chase Edmonds Frank Gore Devin Singletary TY Hilton Robert Woods Christian Kirk Kenny Stills Sammy Watkins Tyrell Williams Mark Andrews Jared Cook Right now I’m leaning now but I thought I would ask here for advice. His Sutton for my Edmonds? WHIR
  10. Well I mean they really didn’t against the Raiders. MVS and Allison are not studs and they were banged up. Lazard and Kumerow are definitely not studs. Rodgers played great and made them look better. Regardless, I see no reason Stills can’t be a good flex this week.
  11. I mean a little bit sure. That being said I don’t really have better options. Hopefully he can break a decent play off.
  12. Honestly I’m still considering Lazard. This seems like they are rushing him back. He is more banged up than MVS. I sort of doubt they both make it though this game. Idk. Maybe I’m nuts.
  13. With Hill starting to get more attention, I think if Ingram goes down then probably it’s more of a RBBC than it is now and Hill and Edwards are flexes both. I’m saying this because I sorta am thinking Edwards is a drop if you want to take a flier on someone or need the bench spot. Do people think this is true?
  14. In a tight spot at receiver in a three WR league. Hilton, Woods, Kirk, Williams, Watkins, Lazard. Obviously need some talent and some bye week/injury fill ins. Someone dropped Johnson, I prob won’t get him anyway but would people say it is a good call to drop Tyrell for Johnson? I’m worried about the plantar fasciitis and the TD dependency and Johnson has looked good and the team wants him to play clearly. Pittsburgh is also baller at drafting WR.
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